WANTED: tomato plants have curly leaves

MesquitetxJuly 4, 2013

My plants look healthy but are producing almost nothing. The leafs are healthy but really curled in. I read it could be a watering issue so I delayed last watering but watered heavily with rainwater and drip system that put the water right on the root. Then today I googled to learn my garden may have been infected by the beet leafhopper and if that has caused the curling the plants are done for.

I got a late start this year using rainwater and a drip system giving each plant about a gallon of water and food every other day. Should I delay watering to about 5 days but give them about 3 gallons when I water?

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Hi Mesquitetx! Sorry I can't help you. I just happened to click on this Exchanges Forum and noticed your question. There will be more responses if you put your query on the more general Texas Discussions Forum where more veggie/tomato growers congregate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Texas Discussions Forum

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