gardengimp(9B Seminole Cnty FL)June 7, 2011

Hubs parents are here from the lower keys visiting with us. Somehow we got onto the discussion of mango varieties, and we were all bemoaning the side effect of Aunt Fran's progressing years. Namely, the missing care crates of mangoes from her back yard trees. Aunt Fran is my FIL side of the family. FIL mentions how it will be horrible when those trees are no longer in the family because they were developed by Uncle Johnny.

Then as folks will do, the subject changes to Uncle Johnny and Aunt Edna visiting in the keys when my husband was a young-un and something to do with fishing and eating. There may have been drinking also. Any-who, it the story goes that Uncle Johnny's hobby was growing and grafting Mango trees. And those trees Aunt Fran has that Uncle Johnny planted sure are the best tasting mangoes. I'm guessing that Uncle Johnny must have dabbled in a lot of different fruit trees because Aunt Fran also has an incredible Lychee, avocado, grapefruit and some other citrus I can't recall. Oh, and some kind of grape that hubs swears is not muscadine.

I casually asked, did this Mango have a name? Yup they said, 'Florigon'. Sure will hate to see those trees leave the family, they add.

Soooooooo ...... I gather I can get a Florigon from Pine Island. What can you all tell me about growing one inland Central Florida?

Folks-in-law were tickled beyond pink when I read them the Florigon entry from wikipedia. They are going to attempt to relay the information to Aunt Fran that her beloved Mango variety isn't going to be lost. Or as she would say, 'going to the grave with me'.


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I had my first Florigon last Saturday. Pine Island had Florigons and Glens available (fruit). I had no idea where I will fit this tree in my backyard but I will be buying one. It was terrific! Not very pretty on the outside but in my book that is plus. I just wonder how big the tree gets and how fast it grows. Great legacy!

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If I am reading this correctly.....the 'Uncle' is John Kaiser? Former police chief of Ft. Lauderdale?

I knew the original trees were still on the property but didn't know the family still owned it.

By the way gardengimp, I am the author of that wikipedia article. Would be interested in communicating with you.

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Also, Florigon is a terrific mango.....one of my favorites. It has excellent flavor and texture, and its production consistency and disease resistance are superb. Fortunately its become more recognized in the last 20 years or so because previously I believe it was essentially an afterthought/novelty that was mostly grown by Broward county RFC members.

It was one of my first successful mango grafts and I plan on planting multiple Florigon trees.

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gardengimp(9B Seminole Cnty FL)

Yes squam, that 'Uncle Johnny' Kaiser. Who knew. And you wrote the article! How cool is that. My in-laws said they drove by Johnny & Edna's place awhile back and was so disappointed about something or the other that they didn't stop. It is not in the family. What is still in the family is Aunt Fran's place in Ft. Lauderdale (Melrose Park). My in-laws believed that the Florigon was not in production because it was only grown in yards of the folks who were all 'part of that group that hung out together'. Meaning Fran, Johnny, Edna and I don't know who else. Fran has two trees I think it is. The last time I saw them they are still huge, beautiful and disease free. My FIL says that eating one of Fran's Florigon's makes a Haden taste like a turpentine. I'll be getting a Florigon up here for sure. You can contact me through my profile squam. Fire off any questions you might have about 'Uncle Johnny' and I'll ask my in-laws while they are here.


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Thanks for sharing the nice story Dianne.


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