HAVE: Potted Brug -- in Austin Area (Cedar Park)

wilo(Central Texas - 8)July 1, 2006

I have this brug:

It is from my original brug and I *think* it is yellow -- hasn't bloomed yet this year. It has nice serrated leaves. I accidently broke a piece off of the original brug this past fall and so I rooted it. It is growing really well, as you can tell by the picture; however it looks like it might need a bigger pot. I think it would start branching out more if it were in a bigger pot -- or in the ground. I already have ten brugs in large pots and don't need another one.

Am willing to trade this. Would need to be someone who can pick it up as it is a tad over three feet tall -- not including pot (pot is plastic and if you don't want it, I'd be happy to keep it).

If you are interested, email me and let me know. I don't have a trade list, but am open to suggestions. Keep in mind: this is not a cutting. This is a good sized healthy plant.


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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

I think Jolana needs this brug - email her. LOL

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wilo(Central Texas - 8)

This "baby" brug has buds! The "parent" plant does too. I guess I'll find out soon if my memory is correct and it has yellow blooms.

I feel kinda like a new grandparent. . . weird, huh?

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wilo(Central Texas - 8)

It's official. This "baby" brug will have yellow flowers. Right now she has about six or so buds. Huge leaves with serrated edges.

No one wants to adopt her?

If not, I'll be sticking her in the ground to see how brugs do around here in the ground.

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Wilo, I would take it but the majority of mine are yellow, lol even if they were marked other colors, lol
Carrie knows that too, I'll have to think of some way to get that girl, lol

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wilo(Central Texas - 8)

Yea, Jolana, I knew that.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Wilo, I now have 28 inground - 8 from last year that I cut back in November and mulched heavily. It will be difficult for me to give you a lot of information about containers versus inground at this time because it has been such an unusual year weatherwise. Last year, my brugs started blooming in June from cuttings received in March - this year with the heat, they have just grown large (larger leaves also) but only 4 have bloomed. My Cypress Gardens was full of buds, but they all dropped off after the 107 degree day. I know I will have a lot of blooms come cooler weather, but cannot advise you on container versus inground for blooms. They will survive inground, however and grow into big, beautiful plants.

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wilo(Central Texas - 8)

Carrie, do yours get full sun? Mine get skimpy if they are in full sun. The ones that get afternoon shade are much prettier plants. Plus right now they all want watering twice a day. How do you handle that with so many?

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Wilo, none of my brugs are in full sun - mostly dappled at best. I have a dozen in containers and the rest are inground. I water the container ones twice a day during this intense heat, but that will get better once it cools off a bit. The ones that are inground are watered by just simpley putting the hose in the highest part of the bed and letting gravity take over from there. They are all looking good except for the blooming - but that will come once it cools off.

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