Mango ID

Man-Go-Bananas(Zone 9)June 2, 2011

Hi all, I just ate a few mangoes from my local grocery store. The mangoes were very fibrous, and the sticker said "Produce of Mexico" Does anyone know what this mango may be?

Thanks, MGb

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Tommy Atkins.. Not a favorite here on the boards.

Occasionally i get a hankering for one, a pick up a couple. But im always bummed out afterwards since they are really poor quality.

If you can find the yellow Manila or atufulo or champagne mangos in your store ge those, much better flavor and no fiber

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Tommy Atkins......a below average (at best) mango that is then made worse by import-boiling and being picked excessively green.

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Man-Go-Bananas(Zone 9)

Thanks guys! Yes... the mango wasn't very tasty... :-(

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