Darn Bunnies!!!

booberry85(5)April 24, 2013

I planted around 30 lilies (maybe more) last year. I had them around my deck and part way around one side of my vegetable garden. They put on a beautiful show too. What do I see this year? Evenly spaced holes where the bulbs were!!! I only have about 3 left! I thought I was clever and planted them near chives too, but no, that made no different! Looks like it'll be more columbine, echinacea and rudbeckia for me!

So what did those darn bunnies get of yours?

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awww.... I hate losing lilies to them! but, geez, they made holes?! the bunnies here just chomp things off well above ground level. Are you sure it wasn't some other critter that dug them out? perhaps a squirrel or ground hog?!

The little bastages -- rabbits I think, but could have been deer, I suppose -- got my 3 year old cherry tree!!! It was large enough to uncage -- but I didn't plan on the snow being so deep! they ate the whole thing down to about 3 feet off the ground. I'm bummed out because it had a chance of fruiting this year. :(

They'll get more, I'm sure!

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Truly it could be any or all of the critters you mentioned. I have seen bunnies and squirrels in the backyard. The deer have been MIA. I haven't ground hogs in our yard for a few years .I(thank goodness!) Yep! those little buggers left holes where the bulbs should be!

Big bummer about your cherry trees. I tried growing apple trees a few years back and the same thing happened. I had taped the trunks of the trees about 1 1/2 feet up, but we had deep snow that year. The bunnies and deer chewed them down to nothing.

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Bunnies ate my Bears Breeches--any suggestions on deterrents? I don't want to sprinkle pepper around my plants, but I am considering an owl statue. Help please. Thank you.

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Two easy, cheap, and organic things seem to work well for keeping rabbits away, and should also deter deer:

1. male urine. It can be human or not, but it must be from a male. Have a guy friend water your plants -- it's free fertilizer too. :)

2. dog hair! collect loose dog hair and sprinkle it around the plants you want to protect.

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