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jacob13July 29, 2010

Hello Freinds,

Well, my folks just returned from San Francisco and China Town, and lucky for me I remembered to give them a list of fruits to look out for. They brought me back Mangosteens, this was the first time I ever had them, Lychees, Longans, and Dragon Fruit.

Everything was so good. The Longans were pure extasy. It was the first time I had ever had them and they were exquisite!

Mangosteen - Got these 6 for about $8. They were Great!



Longans - They were EXCELLANT



Lychees - They were Okay, a little to Acidic for my taste but still okay.


Beautiful and Sweet Dragon Fruit



Hope you all enjoyed the Pictures as much as I enjoyed the Fruit.


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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

I always prefer Longans over Lychee (which tend to be usually tart). To me, it's almost like the taste of coconut water.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)


If the lychees you are getting "tend to be tart" it is because the lychees you are getting are picked too early and sent to market trying to get top dollar (arriving before the fruit of other producers) before they are fully ripened. Reserve your final judgment of lychees until you have had tree ripened fruit. Tart is the last descriptive word I would use to describe tree ripened fully mature, lychees, No, actually I wouldn't even use it as the last word.


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Nice haul, Jacob. The fruit all looks fressh. The only problem is the commercial dragonfruit you buy in all the Asian enclaves in whatever city, all seem to be the same fruit. They are beautiful, full and pink on the outide, but white fleshed and fairly insipid on the inside. The darker fleshed varieties have considerably more sweetness and the color you see when you cut one open is half the fun of the eating experience.


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i was always told mangosteen should have a green calyx, but some pictures i see of their calyx has a sun blush which could be the reason for the brownish color

green calyx

fresh picked mangosteens have a softer endocarp

glad to know they tasted good, i hear the pulp becomes translucent when over ripe and the seeds turn from white to a brown usually a week after picked

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Hi, Jacob! The fruits look all too yummy! :-) Will you save the seeds? Or since you like them so much too, perhaps you'll get grafted trees to add to your collection now! :-)

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