Avocado Grafting

jacob13July 11, 2011

Hello Friends,

I have finally taken the leap and grafted my 1st Avocado tree. I have grown a couple of seedling Avocados from my "Bacon" Avocado tree which should serve as great rootstock since they are super cold hardy and acclimated to my region. I grafted budwood from an Avocado tree from my Neighbor's backyard. Thay are absolutely the best Avocados I have ever tasted. Unfortunately, the tree owner nor I know the variety of the tree, only that it is a super delicious Avocado. I will post a picture of the Avocado as soon as one is available so that you all might be able to help identify the variety. I will keep you all updated on the success of the graft.



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hmhausman(FL 10B)

The graft looks like a good effort from this vantage point. You might want to tent your scion to keep moisture in for as long as possible until the graft union can bond. I have had some success with untented scions, but the conventioanl wisdom is to keep that sucker wrappped! Good luck, hope its successful.


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Yes, it's a good idea to wrap the scion to keep the graft union dry and to keep the scion from drying out. I'd put it in some shade for a couple of weeks too.


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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the compliments and advice. I did a few grafts; 2 of which were to rootstock in 1 gallon pots. I am keeping those in my smaller greenhouse in which I keep the Humidity Super High. The Third I just grafted to my large in the ground "Bacon" Avocado tree. I grafted it to a branch well under the canopy that is in shade almost 100% of the time. I will take your advice and put a plastic bag around it to keep up the humidity. this one was more for practice but it would be great if it took, thanks for the advice.


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...any chance I could trade something for a scion cutting of the Bacon? I've got a Mexicola tree and want to graft some options onto it for better production...

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