Anyone planting longan tree in pot?

ch3rri(z6 PA)July 8, 2008

I can't decide if I should get a longan tree or not since I can buy the fruits in the supermarket. Should I add a longan tree to my tropical collection? Anyone planted one and have fruit in pot? I'm getting a rambutan for sure.

Do you get a lot of fruit from one potted tree?


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From Echotech (fruit) website:

"A longan is an excellent choice for a containerized fruit tree, as it will bear heavily in a pot. We have several longans growing in our arboretum."

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

I've had a Kohola in a container for some years now and so far has been a big disappointment. The tree was a horrible specimen from the mail-order nursery, which will remain annonymous, I purchased it from. There's been health issues from the start resulting in drastic pruning. A lot of this has been my fault trying to find a balance the tree accepts. I've never given it any chilling yet figuring it was a waste of time for now. So no blooms up to this point. It is currently in a huge container but I'm going to attempt to move it outside and change the soil mix. I'll leave it out to get it's chill requirements. So for me, it's just been a plant that occupies space. We'll see what the future holds.

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The funny thing about Longans is that you can artificially spur flowering by exposing the tree to potassium chlorate. I guess you're all wondering how I know that? Well, apparently in China, after heavy celebrations with fireworks close to the trees, they come to life with blooms within a week or two. Fireworks (certain types) are heavily laden with potassium chlorate, of course. A researcher in Hawaii was studying that connection.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Thanks everyone. People did told me that longan tree is harder to grow. My friend in CA have a longan tree and it bloom and start fruiting but then dried up and die. So at the end they remove the tree since it kept on doing that to them. I guess I should save my space for something else. I ordered a rambutan tree. The guy who sold it said it is a true asian variety so it doesn't need two tree to fruit and that it should fruit in 3-4 years. I think rambutan is the best, better than lychee. You guys should try it.

Also, anyone know where I can get potassium nitrite? I heard if you use that on the dragon fruit it might induce bloom.



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ohiojay(z6 OH)

I believe the only place you can obtain this stuff is a fireworks mfg. I don't believe anyone else will be offering it to the public...leastways nobody I've read about on different forums have found it.

Wonder if I went out and bought a bunch of firecrackers and let them off in the greenhouse would work???!!! My luck it would scare my plants to death!

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Jay- I did a little digging and found this article as well:

Apparently a bleach form of sodium hypochlorite also works. If you do set off fireworks in your greenhouse; you must take some pics of

Ch3rri- If you think a longan is hard to grow, just wait until you get that Rambutan. They are ultra-tropical, so I hope that you're ready for that.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

I know that rambutan will take forever and need extra extra care. But I'm running out of fruit tree to I love the rambutan so hopefully i will get it to grow. Did you ever try planting one?

Anyone try planting a rambutan?

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

My Longan tree is in a 1/2 whiskey barrel. It produced a few nice bunches of tasty fruits last year, at under 3' in height. I picked them when the sugar ants swarmed on them. The fruits were much better than Lychees I have tried.

I find the Longan much easier than Lychees. I have 3 Lychees in the ground, and they are very slow, very boring plants so far. None have fruited yet. They seem to need at least 5 years or more in the ground here, in my neighborhood, to fruit. Longans fruit much earlier.

Sapodillas are much more productive and certainly pretty as well. My potted one is doing great, flowering better thsn my in-ground trees!


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Ch3rri- Rambutan and mangosteen are out of my league right now; because, I don't have a greenhouse to put them in. The lychees/mango are growing like weeds, and I'm going to have to fit them inside this Fall, so I don't have anymore room either. Time to upgrade the house!

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ch3rri(z6 PA)


After hearing that you get nice bunches of longan I want to get one too. But do you think it worth it to get one since I can buy the fresh or frozen at the supermarkets? The fresh one is like $4.99/lb. Sometimes it's only $2.99-3.99/lb. Do you guys think it worth it to get a tree?


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ohiojay(z6 OH)

NTM, I checked out that USDA article. Not much help was it? Would have been nice if they explained how to do this application!! I'm not about to go experimenting on my one and only tree. I'd just as soon go get a brick of firecrackers and let them off inside the greenhouse. I'll save the bottlerockets and roman candles for later!

Lisa...I can see poor LL clutching his chest after your lychee comments!! Poor guy.

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

Lychees like more frequent water than longans, seem to be more shy about bearing fruit reguarly. Both are beautiful trees when their requirements are met. My first couple lychee plants flowered as a small air layer, probably due to a cool winter. They do have a desire for some winter chill, and withholding fert in fall/winter probably will help with flower production.


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Jay- There are a lot of articles out there, but none that explain the process in detail. The closest one I could come to (without joining one of the sites) is:

This one, at least, explains it is a soil drench, and the relative concentrations of the solution. The thing I don't like about sodium hypochlorite is that it will partially sterilize the soil.

Ch3rri- Where do you shop that you can get all of these great treats in a PA no less?!?!?! I would definitely buy a Longan if you have the space. Fruit straight off the tree is infinitely better than from a supermarket.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

The supermarkets are in Philadelphia, PA. On 6th and Washington Ave., 12th and Washington Ave., and 16th and Washington. Most of them have lychee and longan. They also have dragon fruits, sapodilla, wax apple, guava, jackfruit, papaya, recently mangosteen, mango....etc. Also, the Chinatown some of these fruits too. All fresh.

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Thanks for the info, Ch3rri. I'll have to check them out.

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Rambutan is my wife's favorite fruit, and seeing is that I live in Missouri, I would have to build an enormous green house, or I would have to bring it indoors for the winter. Does anyone know where I can find a dward version that produces sweet fruit. If anyone can help me they would oficially be my hero. Please Help.

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I live in Coimbatore and have a longan tree that is 13 years old. I grew it from a seed. There was a suggestion in this forum saying if crackers can be burst closer to where the tree is located it would start bearing fruits due to the potassium chlorate factor.During Diwali (Festival of lights), the public in general fire crackers and you could see a thick cloud of smoke in the early hours on the day Diwali is celebrated. And this happens every year. So all these 13 years, the plant is exposed this smoke and it has not bore a single fruit. So I don't buy the suggestion of fire crackers smoke as a solution to induce fruit bearing. From what I have heard, adding potassium enhances the flavor of the fruit. Hope to see some follow up comments

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I'm no expert on Rambutan but you should be able to find some varieties at Montoso Gardens and also Frankies Nursery, both I believe are in Hawaii. Just do a google search to find their website. Rambutans will probably need a heated greenhouse and I believe they like high humidity. The cost of heating a greenhouse in the wintertime should be considered before purchasing your Rambutan and building your greenhouse.

Prakash India, I believe it is the Potassium Chlorate in the fireworks that induces blooming in Longan. I'm not sure if the smoke will do anything for Longan. Perhaps if the remnants of the exploded fireworks were in the very close vecinity of your tree, it may help. You also have to take into consideration that you grew your Longan From seed and seedling grown Longan take a long long time before fruiting. Hmmhausman(Harry) in Florida has a seedling grown Longan and it took his tree a long time before fruiting. Using the actual chemical Potassium Chlorate in the correct amounts may still help your tree produce but because it is a seedling grown tree, it may simply be too young for it to produce. Perhaps if you give your tree some drought stress in the months prior to expected flowering(ask Longan growers around you when their trees normally flower)and you also girdle a large branch, it may help induce flowering but your tree may still just be too young.

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I'm trying to grow a longan tree. Bought it off ebay as a seedling. It is struggling now and the leaves are turning brown about halfway on the leaf itself. I have it in a pot with a mixture of 1/4 part each of the following: sand, potting soil, vermiculite, pearl lite. I bring it in the house when it drops below 40. I keep the soil moist but not soggy. Any idea what could be happening to my little seedling?

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Air is probably too dry. Needs more humidity. Don't over fertilize either. Try fashioning a clear plastic tent around the plant with a few small holes to allow some ventilation. This will boost the humidity and also helps a plant to recover. Don't put the plant in full sun either.

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My experience with planting Longan is at best a confusing one. I started by planting them in the pot. They did ok for a while and produced some fruit. Then I planted one in the ground. It had a bad accident. The neighbor's dog dugged under the fence and shredded it up. Poor thing, it was badly damaged, but it survived and came back the next year growing much bigger in the pot and it also bore some fruit.

Then I planted another one in the ground. It was healthy when I bought it and was blooming, but it didn't do too good in the ground. It did worse than the other one in the pot.

Both of my Longans (one in the pot and the other in the ground) had aphids problem. It's very difficult to treat them. I cleaned them out with alcohol, sprayed soapy water and washed them. Nothing works. I didn't want to try harsh chemicals as I often don't get the results from them. Even Neem Oil didn't seem to work also.

Anyway, my personal conclusion is Longan is a weaker plant in terms of disease resistance than Lychees. However, it seems they're more determined to bring their flowers to fruition than Lychees. Also, I haven't had luck seeing them grow well in the ground. Maybe, I just wasn't doing the right thing, but with my Lychees, at least they do grow bigger in the ground. In fact, they do better in the ground than in the pot. I had one died in the pot and the second one isn't growing too well.

Maybe some of you are able to grow it successfully. If so, I'd like to hear your success stories.

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I begin to grow my longan seed on 10/14/2013 and is now about 3inches tall. 3/5 seed grow, was surprise at first didn't expect it to grow.

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I always try to grow tropical fruit from seed first before I buy a grafted or named variety. Just to see if I can keep it alive for a few years before spending the money on having one shipped to me. I live in zone 7 (Raleigh NC). I started a Rambutan and a Longan seed two years ago. Both sprouted. The tags have gone missing so I don't know which one is which. One is huge - maybe 3.5 feet tall, very lush and healthy. The other one is tiny and weak and maybe a foot tall. I assume the larger one is a Longan.

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