Earth Day clean-up events?

party_music50April 14, 2012

Just wondering if there are any Earth Day clean-up events being planned in anyone's area?

I am so disheartened to see the trash and debris that's scattered and blowing along the highways and streets around here. I drove behind a local strip-mall the other day where there are several dumpsters used by the businesses there. There must have been the equivalent of at least a dumpster full of debris/trash just blowing along the ground and into the wooded area behind. Why aren't these businesses held responsible for cleaning up that trash??? It's no different than me casually dropping trash out my car window when I drive -- and I certainly wouldn't be allowed to do that! (by law, anyway).

sigh. I was here for the first Earth Day and was lucky enough to have a teacher who organized his classes for a cleanup in the wooded area around the school that day.

I donate to several charities whose charter is to protect and preserve our environment, wildlife, and ecology. One is Nature Conservancy -- particularly the New York chapter -- and I was SHOCKED to receive a correspondence from them recently that invited me to attend a local "Earth Day *Picnic*"! What?!?!?! They should be organizing an Earth Day CLEANUP!!!

I've just written an email to the mayor of the nearest city (where I work)... I think I'll be talking to the Nature Conservancy next.

Is there anyone else here who as concerned as I am about how this earth is abused? or am I in the only area of upstate NY where its citizens seem to think it's all just one big trash heap?

I guess it's bugging me more this year than most because we've been snow-free for so long while the trees and plants are still mostly dormant. The trash is just so visible everywhere!

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

There were no Earth Day projects on my area except in my own up what people toss out their car window as they drive by

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My sister nailed it: they changed the rules for recycling here a few months ago! We used to have to put recyclables out in tied plastic bags, and larger items (like cardboard) had to be flattened, bundled, and tied with string. Everything stayed put.

The new recycling rules are to put EVERYTHING that's still recyclable into one big bin (and they've cut way back on the list of what is recyclable). Naturally, many people don't COVER their bin -- and hence we have blowing trash EVERYWHERE here now. :( :( :(

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