Can I plant a mango tree in this space?

GreeningTheDesertJuly 13, 2014

Hello everybody,

If you remember me, I posted before about my suffering mango seedlings, and now some of them have managed to make it so far, and I'm looking whether I can plant a seedling in a space of 3x4 meters?

I'm building a little house and have that little space and thought that I might be able to do it if I keep it pruned so it won't get huge.

Also, will it affect the house foundation by time even if it's kept a dwarf?

Thanks in advance.

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I have a Julie and a Glenn that I have in spaces smaller than that, but I don't know much about their root structure though the Glenn is about 7' (a bit over 2 meters) from the house.

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Thanks a bunch Gnappi :)

So full of hope now. I've seen an Eucalyptus tree here that has displaced a whole wall, and was told that such trees are not recommended to be planted next to your house, and was wondering if the mangoes do fall into that category, since they can grow big and can be really vigorous.

Do you reckon 2 mangoes can be planted in my space?

I would so so so so much love to see a pic of yours in your place, really looking forward to be blessed by a pic :)

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I found this on google...not sure how accurate it is but I know of a few people that plant their trees fairly close to the house to give them some protection for freezes...

I attached a link below...Scroll down to the "Culture"'s what it says

Location: The mango grows to a good size and casts a dense shade, but the roots are not destructive. It requires full sun and perfect air drainage in winter. It does best at the top or middle level of a slope. A windbreak should be provided in exposed areas. The trees may also need staking. In the desert it needs the shade of other trees; or plant on the north side of the house. In the garden or near the coast, plant against a south wall, or in an area surrounded by paving, to provide maximum heat. In the greenhouse, full light and free air movement are important to avoid disease."

Here is a link that might be useful: Mango info from

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"Do you reckon 2 mangoes can be planted in my space? "

I wouldn't plant two that close, but like everything else YMMV.

As a rule I give all my trees at least ~9 feet (3 meters) between them with no overlap for the most part.

An exception I have is an atemoya and sugar apple which are less than 1 meter (~3 feet) apart and are nowhere near a structure. I may lose some fruit production on them but with the flat spreading habits of both they actually look like one full tree. Right now the little Geffner atemoya (~ 9' tall) has ~15 fruit on it so he's happy.

Another exception is a mango and avocado that the previous owner planted less than 3 feet away from each other. The Avo is much taller and has a gazillion fruit and the little seedling gave me over 30 fruit this year.

Anyway I once had a gigantic peach mango (well over 30' tall) about 10 feet from my house and had no root problems.



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You've made my days you both, feeling kinda excited.

There's a new neighbourhood being constructed and I got a piece of land from it, where the houses are built next to each other, and I made my plan so that I have 2 parcels on the North and one on the South that are 3x4m, and if this is the case then I may plant another mango in the Southern space as well, as I guess it won't hurt the neighbours either, and may be a Papaya next to each mango spaced 3 meters away as suggested.

Wow! I'm really full of hope right now. All the best guys (thumb's up)

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I planted my seedling mango next to my grafted tree & they're growing together just fine. In fact, all of my trees are within meters of each other & all produce just fine.



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Happy to hear about more success stories.

I hope some of you can donate few photos :)

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It's all depends on the climate: I see 100 ft tall 5 ft dia trunk mango in Hawaii, on the other hand I rarely seen any big mango north of Los Angeles due to cold winter. Have not seen any with bigger than 7" dia trunk.

On my yard I have some mangoes planted just 6 ft (1.8 meters) apart because I know they will not grow big. zone 91501.


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I'm living in a subtropics arid area, and it's way too hot in the summer and kind of cold in the winter, but not that cold that stays in -5ðC, the worst could be -2ðC for an hour or so.

Also, there was never an attempt to grow mango in the whole country here, let alone the region I'm living in, so nobody has an idea as to how big the trees can get, or even if they can survive so to speak. I'm making an adventure and I'm really excited about the outcome.

Thanks for the input.

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