Kiwi tree?

SuperFruit_incJuly 22, 2014

Hello there,
I think i will need the help of experts here to identify this freaky plant.
I have been trying to plant kiwi fruit seeds (actually yellow/golden kiwis) for the best part of this year, and have been widely unsuccessful.
A month or 2 ago i had 2 plants growing, with leaves looking like some pictures of kiwi trees found on the internet, so i decided to give them a go. They were q bit 'hairy' like kiwi fruits are which looked like a good sign. Since then they grew into the bushy thing with purple flowers you can see in the picture (if the upload worked!)

If any of you have experience with Kiwi trees: does this look like one or did i get wild leaves again?..

Thank you for your help!

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Here is a clearer, close-up picture - that shows the leaves and flowers better :)

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That does not look like any kiwi that I know.

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That's totally not a Kiwi. The Kiwi is a vine and not a shrub like plant.

I had ruined around 60 seedlings of kiwi and I don't know why, I just suppose the potting soil stayed over wet the whole month, and they were too leggy too. I grew them during the last winter and kept them indoor to keep them warm, but couldn't provide them enough light, thus I murdered them!

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Looks like some sort of wild (weedy) ageratum - a blow-in that is really enjoying it's new home.

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Thank you all for your help!
I'm not sure i like my monster ageratum as much as it likes my garden though...
I'll try to plant Kiwi again.
I've got all the heat and sunshine they could want here; i'm in south east asia so it's summer all day every day.
Passion fruit has been growing well so hopefully i'll get lucky with Kiwi too..

Again, thank you for your help

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Just be prepared to give kiwi its SPACE!!! I live where the Winters are cold and snowy. I had kiwi but it grew so luxuriantly, thickly, and aggressively that I had to get rid of it as it was taking over my neighbor's yard. No joke, this is a VERY robust vine in a climate with really cold, hard, and long 'winters'. I can only imagine what it does in the tropics! Be warned!

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I have/had a fruit bearing kiwi vine. It produced over a bushel of fruit every year. After hurricane Ivan it no longer produces fruit. I suspect either the boy or the girl was damaged. It continues to flourish as a vine but no kiwis. What can I do to determine what's missing?

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