Jackfruit in pot success stories?

Pancrazio(8b - 9a)July 12, 2011

Hi everyone,

Lately i have come in contact with some canned jackfruit and i have decided that i like it. Then, as you can imagine, i decided that the tree is worth a try.

I have done some research in internet; apparently it is cold hardy more or less like a mango, so i should be able to keep it alive, at least in my greenhouse. But i still lack two important information.

First question: does its vegetative grow need higher temperature than the mango?

Second question: while i was reading around how to grow it, i noticed a suspicious lack of success stories about it growing in pot. Does anyone have been able to fruit it in a pot, or knows first hand stories of anyone that has been able to do it?

I have chosen to grow the Gold Nugget jackfruit. Its little fruits and early ripening seems just what i need. I hope to find a grafted plant somewhere, in an accesible place, but just in case i won't, does gold nugget seeds come reasonable true?

As some of you may know i'm writing from italy so i have access mostly and almost exclusively to what is avaiable in european union...

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I have seen trees at excalibur in very large pots fruiting, but the pots were so big that you would not be able to move them. I think you would be better off putting it in the ground and use one of the portable greenhouses to cover it in the winter. That is what I am doing with mine and it has made it through the winters fine and is flowering now. I do also heat the greenhouse during the coldest nights in the winter. I prune mine down to about 6ft every winter to keep it low enough and it seems to do great. Definitely my easiest tropical to grow.

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newgen(9 Central California)

jsvand5: do you have any photos of the tree in the greenhouse?

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phucvu(10 b oc ca)

yea, and where's the pic of your mango tree as promised pancrazio?

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

I agree with John. If you are going to keep plants like this in a greenhouse, you will have to consider heating it. So you might as well plant it directly into the ground. Here is my gold nugget. Started blooming this year, its fourth. I prune it often for height as well as keeping a narrow profile.

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Pancrazio(8b - 9a)

Unluckly i can't put the plant in ground. I already used the best spot of my garden for my mango and i don't thik i'll be able to have access to some other place like that soon, so pot was my only option (Yes, this assuming that the mango experiment will work, wich i can't assume as true right now).

@ohiojay: wow, that plant is huge! Took only 4 years to make it grow so much? It must be really quick. I expected it to be pretty slow during hotter months in our (colder) climates. So at least i can't complain about it don't growing during the good season. I'm just curious: how did you choose the gold nugget? "Taste test" or fruit characteristics (like ripening time / edible percentage of flesh)?

@phucvu: I didn't expect that my little plant could get some interest: everything i do seems so minor compared to what i usually see here... :)
I have uploaded some pictures in the topic "advancing with mangos". :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

The jack would have long outgrown the GH. I have pruned it very harshly many times. I get a lot of good growth on the plant even during our crappy winter months.

I chose this variety after checking with members who were growing it. The fruit size, fruit characteristics, as well as being able to keep the plant at a manageable height were all considerations. I have not tasted this variety. Better be good!

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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

Hi Jay,

Your plants looks so great. I wish my small solarium would have better glass. My glass cut half of the light.

I bought a 12 inch (bushy but barely one and half feet tall) Gold Nugget Mandarin orange today for 149 dollars. And another 12 inch Kumquat for 129 dollars. Just let you know how crazy I am and how screwed Canadian is in terms of tropical fruit trees.

Jay, where can I see more of your pictures?


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newgen(9 Central California)

ohiojay: Wow, that's an impressive sight! How do you heat the GH in the winter? Do you have to brush the snow off the roof too? Must be lots of work. Thanks for the photo.

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YellowThumb - Holy Crap! You have got to be kidding about the prices. Hit me up next time and I will buy and ship you the plant for a fraction of that price. Sorry to hear it is so swful when it comes to Citrus.

- Jacob

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

YT...you can look at my Photobucket albums at: http://s23.photobucket.com/albums/b358/ohiojay/ All of the subalbums are there. I haven't updated the months in quite a while though.

NG...I have two 30K gas heaters that I fire up during the colder months. I don't allow the temps to fall below 68. I do brush snow off occassionally. Quite a pain too. I have a huge extendable pole that I put a push broom head on. I do this from upstairs in the house hanging out the bedroom windows! Moving this pole extended out to nearly 20 feet in and out of the window, trying not to bang the walls is lots of fun. If the sun has been out a little while and there is a little warm up between the glass and snow, I can push off the snow in one big push. If not, then it is work. Ice? Forget it!

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