WANTED: Galveston Co Plant Swap Haves/Wants

sunny43(Z 6 Pa.)August 18, 2006

Our Galveston Co Plant Swap will be held on September 30th this year at Walter Hall Park in League City. You may list your haves and wants here and I will transfer them over to our web site. There will be many swappers who will be listing their haves and wants only on our web site, so please take time and check them out.

I will have my list ready soon for you to view.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing everyone at our fall plant swap.


PS: Be sure and check out our pictures on our web site from the spring swap. We had a down pour that day but still had a terrific turn out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Galveston Co. Swap Page

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sunny43(Z 6 Pa.)

Fire Spike (red)
Fire Spike (pink)
Esperanza (gold star)
Ruellia Tall (purple)
IndigoFera Pink (Indigofera Kirilowii)
Sword Fern
Green Eye Rudbeckia
Red Salvia
Airplane plant (both regular type and the reverse marking type)
Variegated Turks Cap
Duranta Purple
Variegated Liriope
White Butterfly ginger
Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia) 3 tone color
Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia) double white cuttings some may be rooted
Yellow Turnera
Clerodendron Shooting Star (Clerodendron quadrangularis)
Russelia Coral Fountain
Variegated St. Augustine grass
Green Jew
Wondering Jew
Rhurbarb Elephant Ear
Spiderwort: Big Blue
Black Taro
Spiral Ginger
Canna's all sizes and colors
Beauty Berry
Purple Porter Weed Stachytarpheta urticifolia
Indigo Spires
Rose Crape Myrtle
Pink Soapwort, Bouncing Bet
Several of my plants will need to be dug up so please let me know ahead of time.

Variegated Aloe Vera
Mandevilla vines
Mercer Blue vines
Globba Dancing Lady Jungle Jewels
Globba Dancing Lady Silver Comet
Hidden Ginger purple Prince
Clumping Bamboo Tall type
Hibiscus Unusual ones
Holly Fern
Giant Sword Fern
Philodendron Xanadu
Apple Banana Plant Musa manzano (will trade with one of my Bananas email me)
Blood (rojo) banana
Rubber Tree
Short pink or purple/blue Spiderwort
Buddleia Black Knight Butterfly Bush
I love variegated plants so tempt me
I will be adding more have and wants as I come across them

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sunny43(Z 6 Pa.)

I am posting Julies have/wants for her/

Julie jmoncur@houston.rr.com

Hidden Ginger
Variegated Leaf Hibiscus red flower
Duranta (Sky Flower)
Blue Potatoe Vine
Butterfly Weed (yellow/orange flower)
Yellow Angel Trumpet
Corkscrew Ginger (1)
Firespike Red
Artillary Fern
Blue Daze
Candlestick plant
Red Salvia
Corcosmia bulbs

Pink Turks Cap
Pink Cigar Plant
Morning Glory Tree
Black Eye Susan Vine
Pink Nicotina
Confederate Rose double rose
Blue Pea Vine
Carolina Jasmine
Red Passion Flower Vine

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sunny43(Z 6 Pa.)

This is Angie's haves and wants

Angie aenilla@yahoo.com
Hi I'm Angie Hope to get to go.
1. Wondering jew
2. Texas star red HIbiscus
3. Hibiscus
4. Trumpet vine
5. Lemon Guava
6. Datura (moonflower)
7. Tatula (moonflower)
8. Mexican flame vine
9. Gardenia (jasminoides)
10. Nicotiana
11. Cup and saucer
I have lots of seed to trade too!!!!!!! Pandora vine,Hops tree,Coffee,Hope my passion flower cutting will take.
1. Pipevines
2. Any butterfly Host plants
3. Blue hibiscus
4. Plumeria
5. Herbs
6. Any milkweed for butterflys

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sunny43(Z 6 Pa.)

Terri's haves and wants

Terri texan_cowgirl_62@yahoo.com
Fire Spike (not sure if it is pink or red)
4 O'Clocks
Rose of Sharon. (pink single blooms)
Cannas (the two tone color is vivid red with some yellow)
Shell Ginger
Angel Trumpet (Brugmansia)
Red Texas Star Hibiscus
Shade plants that don't get over a couple of feet tall
If you email me it may take a few days before I can get back to you.
Thank you, Terri

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Jim jimrstevens@sbcglobal.net


White Cat Whiskers
Purple Cat Whiskers
Mystic Spires Blue salvia
Snow Hill salvia
Coral Nymph salvia
Forest Fire Red salvia
Lantana Texas Flame
Lantana Irene
Creeping Daisy (Wedelia)
Cigar Plant
Birds Nest Sansevierias
Rose Moss (Magenta single)
Australian Sword Fern
Red Hot Poker
Flowering Almond
Althea Double White
Althea Double Purple
Althea Single Pink
Cushion Mum White (ShowTime)
Button Mum Pink (Trinket)
Angelonia (purple)
Coral Honeysuckle
White Bleeding Heart vine
Pink Bower vine (Southern Belle)
Mexican Flame vine
Blue Sky vine
Bow Tie vine
Coral vine


Day Lilies that rebloom
Chocolate plant
Blackfoot Daisy
Rain lilies (except white)
Spanish Flag vine
Most anything that I don't have

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Patti's Have list :
.Sansevieria (Snake plant) in medium green with dark green stripe
.Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana-in colors of red and yellow flowers
.Kalanchoe daigremontiana ( Mother of Thousands)
.Kalanchoe Tubiflorum (Chandelier Plant)
.Spider plants var. white and green and solid green
.Euphorbia milii v, splenden (crown of thorns)red
.Brugmansia unknown color rooted
.Begonias ( have pictures)
.Cyrperus Alternifolius -Aka-Umbrella plant (many cuttings and rooted) Plant ) can live in Bog and adapt to your yard.
.Epiphyllums -Queen of the night , Heaven sent cuttings
.Rose of sharon (colors white,pink, purple cuttings)
.Pregnant onion rooted
.Callisia fragrans
.Bridal veil Tradescantia ( small white flower that looks like babies breathe)
.Small soild green Tradescantia
.Tradescantia zebrina,and Fuzzy leaf with pink flowers
.Asiatic Dayflower, Commelina communis (spiderwort).
.Monkey grass
.Hibiscus- cuttings red single bloom
.Chalice vine rooted
.Plumeria unknown color cuttings
.Morning glory tree ( lavender) rooted.
.Books -Quilting, Teddy Bear making, and a few Gardening and Fiction
Authors Nora Roberts, and Patricia Cornwell.
.Cherub birdfeeder
.Plastic pots .
.Bromeliad unknown type
.Aquatic plants - water celery tri color and small lily pads
.Tomatoes cages -several
.Foam insulation pipe cover -unopen packages (2)
.Roll of wire fence ( will get measurement and type if interested. I know it's not chicken wire.)
.Orchids unknown type (3)
.Jewel of opar

.Hoyas -(really want)
.Dischidias -(for ones I don't have)
.Cactus and succulents.
.Begonia canes only
.Rangoon creeper
.Tolmiea menziesii-(Piggy back plant)solid color and var.
.Philodendrons- (for ones I don't have and varigated ones)
.Hibiscus - any color but red
.Plumerias- (for the ones I don't have)
.Phormium -sundowner,rewa, tricolor
.Amaryllis bulbs
.Lipstick plants
.I am also interested in Garden art, Mexican Decorative pots, Pottery,
Stain glass, Mosiacs, Metal plant markers, trellis, Birdhouses, Homemade Soaps, Rain chain, Medusa head planter, Game boy and PS2 games, ***CD and/or DVD Educational games for( Pre K , K -8th grade) movies and music ( Jazz, R&B and rock )
.Always looking for new and unusual plants! ;o)

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pepa(z9 TX)

All plants on this list are from rooted cuttings, side shoots, or grown from seeds. I will probably bring only the number stated since I don't have much room. I will bring cuttings, seeds, or seedlings from this plants and others on my web pg if you ask. Will try to add more later. Thanks, I look forward to seeing everyone there. Pepa

Double white hibiscus (Elephant Hibiscus)large 1
Russelia- yellow (looks creamy white)2
Single orange hibiscus 1
Rose of Sharon White with red center, pink
Tx Chili piquin pepper (birds are drawn to your yard)1
Red Cestrum 1
Morning Glory Tree- purple 1
Pink Coral Vine 2
Red Flame Vine 2
Flame acanthus 2
Rosemary 1
Mexican fire plant 1
Rock Rose 1
Thornless Blackberry 2
Mona Lavender Plectranthus 2
White lantana 2
Pink cuphea 1
Pride of Barbados 1
angel wing jasmine,small rooted side shoot

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pepa(z9 TX)

Sorry I forgot to add my want list
pink coreopsis
coral porter weed
Giant Salvia or Java Glory Bower
pink root
Red Anise
Red Cape Honeysuckle
white cestrum
blue sky flower
yellow oleander
White Mexican Poinsettia
double yellow hibiscus
Salmon El Capitolio Hibiscus
sandpaper vine
Double White Confederate Rose tri color
will swap for other plants

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Here are my haves and wants for the swap!

Red Shield hibiscus (1 rooted)
Red hibiscus (1 rooted)
Variegated red hibiscus (cuttings only)
Variegated red, green, pink hibiscus (cuttings only)
Red Salvia (rooted)
Native Turks Cap-red (cuttings or rooted)
Antique Rose Cuttings (Dame d'Cour, Mdslle. Franciska Kruger, Dutchess de Brabant, Chrysler Imperial, Don Juan, Eutin, Queen Elizabeth, Blaze, Mutabilis)
Lime green Margarite and Blackie sweet potato vine (cuttings only)
Orange daylilies
White butterfly ginger
Pink hydrangea (cuttings only)
White mums (rooted)
Wood ferns (rooted)
Purple Wandering Jew (cuttings only)
Purple and Green Variegated Wandering Jew (rooted and cuttings)
Golden Coreopsis (rooted)
Red Amaranthus (rooted)
Butterfly weed-orange and yellow (rooted)
Plumeria (rooted) White
Poppy seeds (giant red and mauve double)
Red butterfly weed
Tropicals any kind
Purple Cone Flower
White Cone Flower
Perennials of all kinds
Hostas-any kind
Native grasses - any kind
Brugmansia-any kind
Red yarrow
California Poppy

Mary Ellen

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dena_tx(z9 Tx)

Please email me if there is a plant you would like to pretrade. I won't be potting up all of these to bring to the swap.

Blue Mist flower (Eupatorium greggii)
Mexican flame vine
Texas Sage (Salvia cocinea)
Mexican Bush Sage (Salvia Leucantha)
Turk's cap (Malvaviscus arboreus)
Cigar Plant (Cyphea ignea)
purple porterweed
Passion Flower Vine (Lavender lady P. Alto) limited trades
Passion Flower Vine (blue Boquet)
Passion Flower Vine (p. incarnata)
Passion Flower Vine (p. caerulea)
Copper Canyon Daisy (tagetes lemonii)
Australian Violet
Salvia Sineloensis
Chandelier plant (Bryophyllum tubiflorum Harvey)
Lizard's Tail
Cape Honeysuckle (orange)
Milkweed A. currsivasa
Silky yellow milkweed
Shrimp Plant (bronze)
Inland Sea Oats
Bog Salvia (Lamvaceae salvia unginosa)
Mexican Petunia (Ruellia brittoniana)
Ruselia, Coral Blow (Rusellia, red rocket)
Coconut Geranium (Pelargonium grossularioides)
Crocosmia (dark orange)
Indigo Spires Salvia
Gingers (peach, white butterfly and a few unidentified gingers)
Peacock ginger
Texas frogfruit (Phyla nodiflora)
White Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
Bulbine candescens
Ryan's Pink Mum (Chrysanthemum x morifolium)
Tri/lobed Rudbeckia
Candlesticks (Cassia alata)
brazilian bachelor buttons (Centratherum intermedium)
Penta (red)
bleeding Heart Vine
rain lilies (pink, yellow and white)
sweet potato vine "blackie"
Black Eye Susan Rudbeckia hirta
Jupiters Beard (Centranthus ruber)
red spider lily (Lycoris radiata)
Lantana montevidensis (purple and white)
maidenhair fern
Gulf muhly grass
Red Flame Acanthus (Anisacanthus Wrightii) (limited special trades only)
Columbine (Aquilegia chrysantha 'Hinkleyana")(limited special trades only)
Mexican Heather
Mexican Marigold Mint (Yerba anise" (Tagetes lucida))
Aristolochia fimbriata (limited special trades only)
Aristolochia tomentosa(Special Trade only)
Aristolochia elegans(Special Trade only)
brazilian bachelor buttons (Centratherum intermedium)
Bee Balm (Monarda) Jacob's Cline
Senna (Cassia corymbosa)(Special Trade only)
Pinneapple Sage
Silver Squill, Violet Squill
Texas Star Hibiscus
Gulf Coast Penstamon
Philippine Lily
Scented Geraniums, (Several different kinds)
Salvia mexicana "Lollie Jackson"
Bat Face Cuphea
Variegated Turks Cap (cuttings)
Salvia miniata
Blue Bunny Cuphea (cuttings)
Redbird Cactus
Loquat (Japanese Plum Tree)
Salvia madrensis (Special Trades Only)


Butterfly Host and nectar plants.
Ground Orchids (Bletilla striata)
Humulus lupulus 'Aureus'
Golden Hop's Vine (Humulus lupulus 'Aureus)
Hops Vine (Humulus lupulus)
Mexican Orchid Tree (Bauhinia Mexicana)
Rain Lilies
New Jersey Tea (Ceanothus americanus)
Swan Flower (Aristolochia erecta)
Fountain butterfly bush (Buddleia alternifolia)
Palafoxia, Texas
Dyschoriste uniflora Creeping Snake Herb
Eupatorium fistulosum Joe Pye Weed
Gaura lindheimeri The Bride The Bride White Butterflies
Jatropha integerrima compact Dwarf Jatropha
Poliomintha longiflora Mexican Oregano
Ruellia elegans ÂRio Red Rio Red Ruellia
Lycoris aurea (yellow hurricane lily)
Verbena bonariensis

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If you see anything on my list you want to trade please contact me now. I will need time to dig and pot up plants prior to the Galveston swap. I will only be bring what swap members requested. I need more room, so I need to find homes for some of these plants.

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Updated list/pre-trades:
This is my list for the Mercer and Galveston Co. plant trade. Remind me which trade you will be at, you know I'm senile!
Variegated shrimp plant-rooted cuttings X 7
Morning glory bush purple flowers X1
Thevetia peruviana-1 in pot, can dig more
Pride of Barbados-orange, seedlings X2
Elephant ears-assorted X6
Giant yellow salvia-seedlings X2
Bronze shield hibiscus-seedling X1
Clerodendrum bungeii X5
White coral vine-seedlings X2 (maybe more)
Althea, purple w/ red center-cuttings struck 9/5/06
Old pink rose-rooted cutting X1
Red bird, devils backbone X8
Zingiber-pine cone ginger X3
Unknown, shade, orange flowers, knee high X2
Philodendrum X1
Saw tooth Oak-seedling X1
Burr oak-seedling X1
Alpinia zerumbut-potted X4
Alpinia zerumbut-bare root
Banana canna X7
Fire spike-red-rooted cuttings X2
Assorted rooted brugmansia X20+
Plumeria-rooted, unknown X4
Plumeria cuttings, unrooted:
White, yellow, pink, unknown
Barleria__________-orange flowers X4
?yesterday, today & tomorrow X1
Walking iris X4
Purple iris X3
Dwarf oleander-pink, rescue X4
Cardboard palm X3
Spineless nopalito-rooted-pink flowers X5
Spineless nopalito-unrooted cuttings
Calathea-unknown X1
EE-black stem X2(maybe more)
And more as I get digging & cutting
Molly-brugs for peacock ginger
Debbie-Double white brug cuttings, black elephant ear and variegated stuff for pink favorite and Miss Anna brugs

Jyayt: either red or blue fortune agastache-I have clerodendum ugandense-butterfly bush
Modene-heliconia, gypsy queen, everlasing,, marrebeck, whiskers & jamaican yellow. I have bananas, gingers & I'm sure something else you want.
Julie-crocosmia for black-eyed susan vine, morning glory bush
Terri-pink rose of sharon and canna for shade stuff
Patti-begonia, chalice vine, watercelery-I have panes of uncut stained glass, some great cacti(rhapdis...duh!) and the rangoon creeper may have rooted-I'll check it this week.
Jim-althea double purple, bow tie vine and purple cat whiskers-I can dig you some pink rain lilies(looks like an amaryllis) and clerodendrum
Angie-lemon guava for plumeria (do you want dutchmans pipe vines? there are seedlings in the yard)
Sunny43-clerodendron shooting star and purple porter weed for a variegated brug and rojo banana
Pepa-I have a yellow oleader-thevetia peruviana for you
Dena-purple porterweed, peacock ginger, kumquat for??
Mary Ellen-white mums for whatever you want, tropicals I got
Let me know!
Tally HO!

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David-squill, African hosta, mostly dormant right now. You're SURE you don't want crinums?
Tally HO!

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Forgot water plants too!
I have frogbit, water celery and some water lilies I want to get rid of.
Tally HO!

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BlueBonnet46(z9a Gal. Co. TX)

Hi...here is some of my haves & wants:

Orange/Yellow Cannas
White Butterfly Ginger
Yellow Cannas
Yellow Walking Iris
Clerodendrum Bungeii
Wood Fern
Solid Green Airplane Plant
El Capitolio Red Hibiscus
Duranta's white & solid purple (cuttings of sweet memories)
Belly Ache trees
Water Lettuce


Hummingbird Bush
Brugmansia's (no yellow)
Purple Porter Weed
Dwarf Jatropha
Turks Cap Giant Red
Turka Cap Giant Pink
Clerodendrum Splendens

Jim - I have your cuttings of Clerodendrum Shooting Star started.

Tally - I have your cuttings of Tri Color Hibiscus started.

I will be adding more as I come across them. If you see anything onmy list let me know. I will also have tons of seeds with me for trade.


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sunny43(Z 6 Pa.)

Be sure and check out our have/want list on our web site. There are 2 pages of plants and many more will be coming. Swappers are adding to the list almost daily.

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I'm sorry my wants list is so long,,I couldnt make up my mind which I would like more ..I'm really not that picky ..Make me an offer... I do LOVE anything that will attract butterflies & humming birds including feeders for them ..I do love vinnes,herbs,anyhting that smells good..

My have's

1 Norflok Pine ... 2ft tall
Bromelaids .. 4 green
1 red
Yellow Hibiscus ... 6 yellow
Red Hibiscus .......4 red
Orange Turks Cap ..5
Red Castor Bean ...7
Vitex cuttings 10-15
Confederate Rose cuttings "pink & white flowers" 8
Orange Canna "Tall" 4
Obedient plant ... 12
Umbrella Grass ....4
Climbing rose cuttings "old lite pink" ( 10-15 )
Bulbine "orange with yellow center" ( 4 )
Society garlic ( 2 )
Alligator plant " small cuttings " trying to get them rooted before the swap" ( 4 )
White Orchid tree " 2 ft tall " ( 1 )
Cassia Alata ( 1 )
Yellow Butterfly weed cuttings "trying to get them rooted" ( 6 )
orange Butterfly weed cuttings "trying to get them rooted " ( 6 )
Red bleeding heart vine cuttings
Shrimp plants "rooted" 4
Palo Verde tree "i planted it from seed " 3 ft tall( 1 )
Squill ( 4 )
African Milk Euphorium cuttings ( 2 )

My want's
rose ..Joseph's coat
"I would LOVE a yellow rose
Pampas grass
Phlox 'for my mom"
Anthurium "flamingo flower"
Bird of paradise
Night blooming cereus
chenille plant
Cup of gold ,golden cup ( Solandra nitida )
Ginger "any & all "
Turks cap "any but orange"
Jade vine
Pagoda FLower
Datura "any"
Pride of barbados
Sugar cane

flowering cherry,magnolia,any fruit tree especially citrus ,Silk oak,gardenia,flowering almond,willow,avacado,fig,Spiraea,any fast growing tree for my 80 yr old neighbor ..

Please email me @ Lookingforinfo20@aol.com if you would like to trade ..

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sunny43(Z 6 Pa.)

The have/want list on our site has been updated. Please check it out.

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A few more have's for the Sept 30th swap..

Purple Orchid tree cuttings ( 6 )
Yellow buddleia cuttings ( 4 )
Black eye susan vine cuttings ( 6 )
Relaxation cd,,never opened

mini garden tool set,,3 piece set about 6 inches long

set of 6 wooden plant marker,stakes with turtles & frog on the top.

Scooby & shaggy chia pet 'heads "

A few more wants..rooted,cuttings or seeds

Blue pea vine
Hyacinth bean vine
Datura ,,,all kinds
moon flower vine

i would also love some large pots for growing trees in .

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Here is the list of cuttings Im taking saturday:
Passionflower Red X5
Carolina Jasmine X5
Pandora Vine X5
Honeysuckle X5
Confederit Jasmine X5
And many Wondering jew (Purple)
all are unrooted cutting
I have many Datura & Gardenina seedling .

White Texas star X1 (special trades only)
Red Texas star X2
Pecan tree X1 ( about a foot tall)
Bridal bush X1 (small rooted cutting)
I have many Loquat seeds just barly sprouting wont bring to show less someone wants just email me ill bring.
thx angie,

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I posted some photos from the swap. Thanks to all the organizers - it was a great time. :)

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We have lots of pods on our Purple Trumpet Plant and we not sure what to do with them. Can someone help me?
We are in Houston, TX.
Mary Margaret

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sunny43(Z 6 Pa.)

If you are talking about a purple Datura then you can remove the pods or leave them. Once the seedpods are dry you can remove pod from plant, remove and save the seeds. If you leave the pods on the plant they will open and drop the seeds giving you more babies.

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Will there be plants for sale? I would like to attend but have not plants to swap but I would like to purchase some.

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Matt2006...We only have plant swaps in the springtime. We have SWAPS, NOT SALES. We only bring plants and gardening items to swap or trade with other swappers. You can attend our swaps if you have plants, seeds, bulbs, or gardening crafts or other gardening items to swap. We do not exchange money for plants at our swaps. Please save our website and we will post the date of the spring swap soon. There is a lot of good information on the website.
Mary Ellen, Swap Coordinator

    Bookmark   September 2, 2009 at 10:54AM
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