im new at gardening, with a new house...

amber_m(5)April 15, 2012

please help me out... im looking for hen and chicks plants, spider plants and any other plants that anyone is looking to get rid of, i love gardening and plants but am living off a very low income so i figured id look for possible free plants. please email me at ambermcmyne@yahoo i am looking for anything that you might be looking to get rid of, if you are thinning your garden and want your plants to go to a good home. i am also using plants as a learning medium for my children. please email me and let me know if you have anything i can have, thank you very much for your generosity. we just purchased a home in december and while it does have some nice landscaping already added to it i really would like to add my own stuff to it... oh if anyone wants lambs ear im drowning in it... there is also something else outside that i thought was just a different kind of lambs ear but i think our neighbor called it bishops button?? or something like that??? it looks kinda like lambs ear but in neater little piles and not nearly as fuzzy, ive got tons of that too if your interested... ive got other stuff around but i dont really know what all i have since ive only been here since december... im really looking to learn more about plants also and i want to teach my children about them. i thought spider plants and hen and chicks would be some wonderful plants for them to check out, and i know my son thinks hen and chicks are really neat. you are more than welcome to come by the house and take a walk around and see if there is anything you might be interested in, or maybe just tell me what ive got.

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One piece of advice (speaking from experience!): since you're new to the house AND new to gardening, DO NOT cut away, pull out, or dig anything you see growing until you are positive what you are dealing with and how it should be cared for.

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thanks for the advise, im not planning on removing or messing with anything unless i know what it is or unless someone can tell me what it is, i dont want to damage anything.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Amber congrats on your new home. It might help others to know where you are located. People in your area may be willing to drop plants off to you or have you come and exchange plants.


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i am located in lisle ny, right outside of whitney point

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i also have a few small bleeding hearts that i just dug up and put in a small planter, they must have grown from seeds thrown from the big momma plant that was right next to it

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Amber another thing you can do is post on Craigs list if anyone has any Hen and chicks that they want to get rid of if they are in your area. Or if they would like to trad bleeding hearts for Hen and Chicks. I have had good luck with Craigs list.

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