possible southern tier plant swap???

amber_m(5)April 15, 2012

hi, just wanted to throw out the idea of a southern tier plant swap. im from lisle ny and i havent been able to find anything in the area for anything like that. maybe if i find enough people in the area we could set one up??? i would even be interested in hosting it if we could get enough interest. the only problem is that i dont have that much to trade/swap... would people be interested in a small fee amount if a swap is not possible? im trying to work on my home that i purchased in december and i dont know how much of anything i have, but i really would like to add more myself so that i have a feeling of ownership when i look outside. the only problem is that we live on a very low income. so i figured insetad of shelling out tons of money at nurseries and such i would look into plant swapping or even purchasing some that would be at lower cost than at a nursery. im new to all this so i dont know if im steooing over any boundaries or rules when it comes to plant swapps and such. if someone could fill me in on the whole idea that would be great, and let me know if there is any interest in a local plant swap. thank you for at least listening.

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i love plant swaps. count me in. easy swaps are the best. you have to bring a set amt. of plants, take a number, and swap, and plants left over are give aways

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