My 3 cremated Siberian huskies

mudlady_gw(Syracuse-z5)April 23, 2011

I live near the west side of Syracuse, out in farm country. I am in Conquest which has a Port Byron mailing address, and I am about 20 miles south of Lake Ontario. I want to plant a weeping mulberry tree near my bird feeders--yes I know the birds poop will be nasty. I have the ashes of three good sized dogs and want to know if I can place these ashes into the bottom of the hole that will be dug for the tree. I have no idea of the composition of the ashes, but I am sure all the hair and soft tissue is reduced to almost nothing and suspect the bones make up the majority of the ash. Thank you to anyone who has suggestions.

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flowergirl34(5 Upstate NY)

Hi mudlady!
I'm right around the corner from you in weedsport :). Howdy neighbor!

I would have to assume that the ashes would be just fine. When our dog passed away we buried him and then planted a oak tree right next to him. That was 7 years ago, the tree is fine and growing as usual. He was about 150 pounds when he passed. Hope this helps.


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I think the ashes are mostly calcium phosphate. I don't know if the amount of calcium phosphate from the remains of three huskies is enough to affect the growth of a mulberry. You could try searching for those terms and see what you come up with.

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