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venessa(z8 TX)August 3, 2008

We are moving and I can't take everything with me. I have a medium to large yucca, a large patch of mexican petunia, a miniature rose I think the name is sweet nothings, this will be a difficult one to dig because it has been there for a while. There may be some other things later on.

I also have a bunch of flats for starting seeds and cuttings. Most of them have never been used but the ones that have will need to be cleaned. These are smaller cells than the normal 72 count trays you get at walmart. Will have to take all.

There is also a compost tumbler that my step-dad made. It has heavy metal post that you sink into the ground. The only is I couldn't figure out a way to put a handle to turn it more easy although it is turnable.

Last there is a large clay pot with a metal stand and a round plastic compost bin.

We will be moving in 2 wks I think so the sooner the better. Evenings are good and next Saturday is as well. Just email me and we can work something out.

There are a few really large things that I have that I know will be distroyed if left here but not sure if anyone would want to go through the trouble. They are a large double rose of sharon, Very large purple vitex and a wisteria tree.

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I am interested in your composting bins, the large clay pot and the seed/cuttings cells and trays. It all depends on where your at. Where are you located?

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venessa(z8 TX)

Yes I guess it would be helpful to know where I'm located :O) completely forgot to mention it.

I am in east Fort Worth Just east of 820 and north of I30

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terrysal(7b Denton, TX)

do you have anything left over?

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