Gardeners affected by flooding in Southern Tier

laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)April 4, 2005

Has anyone been hit hard by the flooding this weekend? I live in Endwell (near Binghamton), very near the Susquehanna River, and our house is just barely above the flood level. The lower half of our neighborhood is flooded very badly - I saw the current carrying away a garden shed yesterday. I can't imagine what the flood has done to everyone's property in the valley. How are you coping with this mess?


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I'm in Owego. The bridge near me going into town is closed. The roads going in the other direction towards PA are closed. So I'm homebound till the water goes down a few more feet.
My house isn't affected we are up on a hill.
I had to take DH to the airport yesterday and it was heartbreaking to se all the flooded out homes.
When the waters receed and things have had a day to dry out I'll go walking down by the river and creek to see what the damage is and what's been sent down river.
One year after high water we found boats sitting in trees.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

My deepest sympathy goes out to anyone who has experienced flooding or other damage from this last storm. I drove down our road today and even though we got the snow instead of the rain, about half the lots in our area are under water. THey are saying on the news that it will be another day or two before the creeks here crest. One is already a foot above flood stage. Last week we were driving over to the Falls and one of the creeks that goes along N.F. Blvd was right up to the yards then. I don't know how much into the properties it has gotten now.


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tracywag(Z5 NY)

My raised beds are ok, but the gardens by my sons' memorial are still under. That's going to be something else tot ry and clean.

I hope some people get some good silt of if this!

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Nice to hear from fellow local gardeners!!

I live very close to the Susquehana but on the other side of the railroad tracks. Good for me but not good for some of my neighbors on the other side. I haven't heard much of how we can help others but come to think of it, I wonder if the Red Cross is taking donations. I know they have offered assistance to those who have damage from the flood. My heart and prayers go out to them. Now I would like to make a donation!

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I'm in Hancock, 45 miles south of Binghamton along the Delaware river. Many people were evacuated from the area due to rising streams and flooding. Half of our street washed away, pavement totally gone. Our home did not get any water damage as we built on pilings, but the water from a nearby stream was flowing through our yard right into our hoophouse in which all our lettuce and greens from last year were just at the picking stage. We also lost 1/3 of the wintersown flowers that were in there. A lot of people were saying this was worse than when Hurricane Ivan came through and I would agree. I drove to Binghamton the other day and was amazed at all the fields along RT 17 that were under water. They looked like huge lakes. My heart goes out to all of you that were affected by this. Hopefully spring will bring better weather. On another note: It's nice to hear from folks in our area, perhaps some day we can get together for a plant exchange. All the ones in this forum seem to be so much farther north. Take care, Barb

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MrsRI(z5 PA/NY)

I'm in Sayre, PA on the Susquehanna I'm on high ground but I do feel for those that are not. If anyone needs anything I would be happy to share. It is really nice to see areas that I know where they are LOL. I hope to meet some of you. If you are ever going to be in the Sayre area please let me know so we can meet. Melody

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How many of us are there in the Southern Tier Area? Maybe we could start thinking now about a plant swap for next year if there's enough interested...that or a seed exchange in the fall.

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tracywag(Z5 NY)

Shall we start a new thread to see how many of us there are?

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We have a house in Hale Eddy. My husband was going to drive up there today with a sump pump (from NJ), but the roads are closed between here and there. Luckily, we are up on a hill, but I worry about the people over on the other side of the river and especially the folks in the house on the Hale Eddy bridge.

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Aurore(Zone 4/5 NY)

Oh my gosh, Hope everybody is all right.
I've been watching the pictures from Binghamton. Looks pretty bad. I'm at the mouth of the Susquehanna. You folks downstream get the runoff. The radio said if the rain here were snow we would have had the equivalent of 7 feet of snow in the last two days. We have a state of emergency. No driving unless absolutely necessary. So far only water in my basement. The garden has looked better-pretty water logged.

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cats39(z5 Upstate NY)

Hi All!

Formerly from Binghamton and my wife from Chenango Forks we've been very concerned with what's been happening in the Southern Tier.

We spoke with my wife' sister and brother-in law yesterday morning on 3 occasions and then just before they had to evacuate as their home was surrounded by water in Kirkwood. My nephew's garage on the state line boarder was inendated.

My brother in Conklin fortunately was on high ground. But our nephew only 2 blocks away on lower ground was under water and he and his wife were helping people in the area evacuate with his boat while we talked with them.

This will have and effect on all for some time to come and how lucky we are that we only had to complain about the amounts of rain?

Take care all in the Binghamton area, our hearts and minds are with you today.


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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

Hi Tracy!

We're okay, Tracy, but it's been an interesting couple days. How are you??

You know (but I'll fill others in who haven't seen our house) that we live right down close to the Susquehanna in Endwell. We're on a little rise, and our house is beside a deep, wide ravine with a creek at the bottom, which carries runoff from higher up in Endwell.

The entire bottom of our neighborhood is under water - the lowest houses into their second floors. Our ravine filled to the brim, then ran over into our side and back yard just a little (about 10 feet inside the fence, under the shed). (Good thing hosta can swim!) If the river had gone up another foot we'd have it in our basement, and that's still an outside possibility if we get more rain and another surge in the river. It's only receded about a foot as of noon today. We cleaned out our shed, car port, and basement yesterday AM just in case the river came higher - we've NEVER EVER seen the river flood this high. One of our neighbors has lived here since 1938 (yep, 1938!), and has never seen it this bad. We're counting our blessings, though - MANY people are MUCH worse off than we are, and have lost everything.


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cats39(z5 Upstate NY)

Hi again!

Was unable to hear from several relatives until just awhile ago. Fortunately everyone is okay. My brother and
his family in Conklin that I mentioned was taken out by a Chinnook helicopter last evening.

Several homes exploded in that area and it was a mandatory evacuation. He said it was hard to believe seeing it from the air while they took them to higher ground.

They haven't experienced the likes of this since the flood in Binghamton in the 1930's. I think it was 1932. Although I wasn't born I can still remember the high water mark on the 2nd floor hallway were my family lived on Oak St in the 1st Ward.

My nephew owns a garage in Kirwood and he restores classic cars. All of his equipment and the cars he was working on were all under water. A terrible break when you don't have flood insurance.

The majority of the people in the Southern Tier are honest hard working indivduals. When I think of the money that was squandered and wasted with rampant fraud by the (1/1/2 billion Katrina fiasco)I wonder what FEMA will do with those who are so deserving???????????????


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Hi - I am usually on the birding forum but came here just to feel close to upstate. I am from the East Branch - Colchester area. We have all been devasted - there isn't much left of homes, roads, etc. Thankfully, the home we most likely lost is our 2nd home - but first in our hearts.

We got out Monday just in time. Last contact was with Walton - the Pepacton had overflowed on Wednesday and was putting out 24,000 gals. a second straight towards whatever was left.

Please say a prayer for everyone up there. Thank you, Debbie

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bhrost(zone 5 NY)

One possible bright side from the rain may be that it helps to refoliate all the trees defoliated by gypsy moth and tent caterpillar. If a drought had followed tree mortality would have been higher. From what I've seen, there are big bare patches from the Catskills through the southern tier and up to central New York. The past couple years have really emphasized what flood plains are, and the fact that most of the population lives in river valleys. There are really only two viable long term alternatives, build adequate protections or use flood plains for parks, wetlands, agriculture, or other non-home uses.

I remember watching a lot of the educational TV programs about abandoned cities and intriguing ruins, and the speculation about why they were abandoned. With the Katrina event in New Orleans we may be seeing the same process in modern times. Use eventually adjusts to what the climatic patterns dictate.

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I go away for a few days, and come back to a wet basement...

Thankfully according to my rain guage, I've only had about 3 inches of rain.

@ MrsRI: I'm from Sayre origionally. How are the renovations to the football field going? Bet that the HighSchool Band rooms are flooded again... (they are below the field)

Whos bright idea was it to pitch the parking lot and field twords the school rather than away?

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blackie57(z5 NY Broome Co)

I live in Endicott, up on a hill so I haven't been directly affected by the flood, other than the fact that my paths DOWN the hill were somewhat affected by the flooding. I have lived here for almost 50 years, and this is the worst I have seen thus far. Although, before all the flood walls were build here I have heard of a flood in the 30's or 40's which turned all of Endicott into a river. Only problen U really have in my garden is trying to keep my Karl foerester grasses, which have just set plume, from bending and breaking from the weight of the rain... Been quite a chore, but nothing compared to those who lived down at the bottom of the hill. I consider myself quite lucky.

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

At least they're not the Union-Endicott HS - their football field/stadium is just behind the flood wall, right by the river. It flooded up ABOVE the goal post crossbars this week. Johnson City's field (Green Field) is under water too. We've still got closings all around us - even the big mall at Town Square in Vestal. But my husband could finally get to work in Conklin today, if he detoured a bit to get to the freeway from our house. I can hardly believe the devastation. . . .


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tracywag(Z5 NY)

We're two miles from the river, so are ok. The damage is unimaginable elsewhere. My parents are in Conklin, they're up enough so they avoid water, gas lines, etc, but no phones or electricity since Tuesday, and no return of them in sight. Lourdes Hospital won't be open for another week at least.

I figure we'll spend the holiday weekend helping people clean up.

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Hi Everyone -

I'm just getting online today. I'm in Apalachin and we've been without power and limited water from Tue until yesterday. I'm not complaining since SOoooo many people have such disasters to deal with. But we were happy to get showered and have power again today. Rte 434 was flooded east and west of us so we had to sit tight until Friday. Then we were able to get through to Vestal for ice. Unfortunetly we had to throw away alot of food that was in the fridge and extra freezer. We tried to use up what we could by feeding neighbors. I'm a pack rat so we had a lot to share with those who didn't have much food or gas grills for cooking. It was actually kind of fun having everyone here.

My poor neighbors down the hill from us got a horrible flood. The drain pipe get clogged with debri so the creek over flowed into there yard. There was 10 feet of water swirling around in a whirl pool in their backyard Tuesday night. There basement got flooded up to the first floor (not including the first floor). They didn't loose much but it was a mess. You can see the pictures in the link below.

My side gardens got flooded. But they are recovering. I had just put in a new garden with nice compost and garden soil. It all swept away. But it can all be replaced at some point. I've been so behind anyway on getting my winter sown plants and plants from the swap planted so luckily I still have lots of plants. I've also been behind on my container planting. I just finished those yesterday. Usually I'm done by Memorial Day. I hope I get some decent blooms before summer is over. My winter sown petunias are just starting to bud and bloom. So they should look good all summer (I hope).

You can see my garden starting to flood in some pictures and me and my kids sleeping together one night when they are afraid of the total darkness. You can also take a look my spring garden photos too. I hope to get more pictures out there soon.

My heart goes out to those that have lost so much. We have friends with 2 young children in Vestal (in Castle Gardens) that have lost a great deal and they are not sure if/when they can get in to salvage what little they have left. We plan to help them with clean up or whatever they need once we can get in.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flood 2006

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)


I'm glad you're okay! I forgot you lived down near 434 in Apalachin - for some reason I thought you lived farther up in the hills. We have other friends in that area who went through the same things you have.

I would be happy to replace some of your garden losses. Just let me know if you'd like to come over and raid my garden - think of it as the ultimate freshly-dug-plant shopping trip!


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