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keiki(10 FL)July 14, 2011

I would love to set up a trade or two. I have vanilla bean orchid vine, a lemon guava or yellow strawberry guava 25", a couple malabar chestnut trees 12-14" tall, physical grafitti dragon fruit divisions, tropic beauty peach seedlings, dwarf red banana, dwarf plantain, ice cream banana, 1000 finger banana, raja puri banana, and lady finger bananas. The size of the bananas vary, will dig and divide as traded. I am interested in trading for other fruit that doesn't get to large as space is an issue.

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Where in the world did you find the vanilla bean vine? I've been looking for one for quite a while.

I have a lemon drop mangosteen and a dwarf pomegranate, failing that I'd either buy it outright


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keiki(10 FL)

Gary I tried to email you but it bounces back. Contact me at ladygardener at embarqmail dot com

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