It's Spring!

misskimmie(z4b Central NY)April 1, 2008

I spent the day working out in my garden. Beautiful 63 degree temp. The main task was (is) to rake up all the leaves first from the flower beds then from the lawn. I'm only about half done because I got distracted by other little jobs I needed to do. As I raked I saw Winter Aconite, Snow Drops, Crocus and Pussy Willow. I watched "Vs" of Canadian Geese fly by and listened to Blue Jays and Chickadees. The ice is off the pond and all the fish made it through the winter. Woo hoo! I pulled out poison ivy and trimmed out wild blackberry canes. Then I asked my son to take a sledge hammer to the old fireplace and break that down. Thats where my cold frame will go. The yard is starting to look good.

Stop by if you're ever in the neighborhood. : ) -kim

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Hi Ms Kim yes spring finaly here! I don't know what it was this afternoon but it's 40 and really windy right now 930pm. I have my little greenhouse just about full of plants I started last month. Now I am planning another g/h, maybe 12'x 40'. We have tulips,daffidols and daylilies coming up. I found a deal and bought 5000 dayliles and I have ordered over 1200 bulb type liles as well. I will be selling some of them and most will end up in our back yard. The pond in my back yard is still iced over hope to see it clear soon.
Have a great Spring
Mr Bill

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

Mr Bill, where are you? 5000 daylilies, holy moly, I hope you live near me so I can be your first customer, lol!

Hi Kim, it's been nice here off and on, but I was too sick the past weekend to take advantage of it (PHOOEY!!). I did get some satisfying work done last week, planting some white tiger lilies and clearing some more dead perennial foliage, and pruning some shrubs that badly needed it. THAT was good therapy (beware stressed woman with pruning saw, mwahahahahahaaaaaa!).

Best of all, I've got crocuses and reticulated irises in bloom, and other bulbs coming up all over the place. I even saw my first peonies poking through the soil yesterday, which was so lovely to see.


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I am located in Gouverneur NY. Sun's out today but boy is it cold!!!!! I am headed to Watertown tommrow to get plastic for hoops. Hope to start the new greenhouse soon. Yeah 5000 daylilies is a bunch but I am going to sell some. I do plan to use most of them in the backyard. I will always be able to sell some later as they spread.
Mr Bill

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It's Spring............... FINALLY! Seems like it's taken forever for it to get here!
I spent yesterday and today cleaning out a neglected flower bed which was infested with wild berry bushes. I have half the bed cleaned out after two days of work. I'm out of steam and my body is rebelling against even the idea of anymore pulling or digging today, BUT it sure felt good to be outside and working in the dirt!

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misskimmie(z4b Central NY)

Friday, blue sky, sunny and 53 degrees. I got a BIG lawn to rake and so I did the main part yesterday. Hauled 10 wheel barrelfulls off to the compost pile. Lawn looks good but I guess I'm not as young as I used to be. Gosh I hurt.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Spring is here because I have blooms! Snowdrops and crocus. The snow has only receded in the last couple days and now it's blooming. It's been raining steadily and the ground is way too wet to do anything. I've got so much to do I don't know where to start.

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misskimmie(z4b Central NY)

Gotta garden,
Yesterday I found a little snowdrop hidden in the pachysandra which filled me with joy. It's wonderful that the earliest spring flowers are small and yet able to fill us with excitement as they announce a time of new beginnings "spring". I also feel overwhelmed at the chores on my 3/4 acre, how much more you must have to do. I visited your photo gallery... so lovely. Have a cup of herbal tea (or coffee) outside, listen to the birds, smile at your flowers then take a deep breath and jump in. You will instinctively know what to do.

Happy gardening,


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