Black Russian and Black Krim

Ebru74(9)April 11, 2011


What is the difference between black Russian and Black Krim?

I've got a chance to try Black Russian in Australia and I LOVE it. I searched for it for a while and bought Black Krim seeds thinking those might be the same.


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Two different strains. I'm trying Black Krim first time this year... its suppose to have a naturally salty flavor... per Google:

"Dark brown-red tomatoes are large, 10 to 12 ozs., and very richly flavored with just a hint of saltiness. Color is darker in hot weather, and fruit seems to set well even in the heat. Prone to cracking, but a very heavy producer. Heirloom from the Black Sea of Russia. Indeterminate. 75-90 days."

Black Russian is: "The Up: Great mid to late season alternative with excellent taste. Apart from a few early ones mine are just into full swing now. When dried, mine had a wonderful smokey flavour! No, I'm not a wine snob, you could actually taste the smoke. I've never encountered that before.

The down: Fruit are bit prone to cracking and, due to the colour, I seem to miss the odd one when picking. They are quite prolific and a few of the branches have succumbed to the weight. But that is more my fault than the plants."

and... "72 days. An indeteterminate Russian heirloom with mahogany red fruits where the color catches the sun�s heat creating larger, sweeter, and ripe fruit sooner than red types growing in the same region. Round smooth 4 ounce fruits possess a unique exceptional sweet taste with spicy and smoky undertones that are enhanced when dried. We had no disease problems and fruits were almost blemish free. Heavy producer and early! Black Russian is a must for black tomato fans and those liking complex flavors in their tomatoes. Prune only to promote air circulation as production will continue throughout summer. One customer said she didn't like this variety as 'the taste is too intense'! Like that's a bad thing...."

All from internets.

Dammit now I want to try a black russian too. Perhaps next year. I'm trying cherry, Krim and Brandywine for my black tomatoes this year.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I had Black Krim last year and have seedling now. The taste is wonderful. As mentioned, it cracks and snails, slugs like it too. Maybe rabbits too. Must be good.hehe

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Thank you guys.
It was one of the most amazing tomato ever. Believe me because I grew up in mediterranean region, it is so hard to make an absolute "the best" definition. It has that smokey flavor while you are eating.
Ok, now I have to hunt for the seeds:) I found one but it was listed "hybrid". Let me search around more...

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Is there a distinctive difference between the Black Russian and the Black Krim tomato varities. I love black tomatoes but have only eaten the Black Krim which is slightly salty and to me delicious!!! Is the fruit of the Black Russian truly black. This is one of the reasons that I like to serve them. Their color always starts a conversation. Any perinent information would be appreciated.

Dr. Eric A. King

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I never noticed a salty flavor to Black Krim, to me it tastes creamy, which I really like. But it is usually one of the first tomatoes to succumb to disease.

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zabby17(z5/6 Ontario)

I have not tried Black Russian, but I LOVE Black Krim. Its fruit is a dark purple (as seems to be the case with most tomatoes called "black"); it is often an ugly tomato, prone to cracking and catfacing --- a neighbour used to ask me for those seedlings specially to grow in her co-op's shared garden because people were less likely to steal them than beautiful, smooth, red tomatoes. Though the ones that are smooth are things of deeply coloured beauty. It does seem to taste both salty and smoky to me, with a very complex flavour.

I'm surprised to see it listed at over 70 days; in my zone 5/6 garden it has usually been among the earliest of the full-sized varieties.


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This is the first year I'm not growing Black Krim (accident, sad accident!) and I'm truly sad. Have a couple Cherokee Purple but I know it won't be the same.

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