Langsat vs Longkong??

tyler_j(6a)July 28, 2011

I was at the local asian market yesterday and bought what was either langsat or longkong. Unfortunately they weren't labeled and no one working there that day new what they were. They were very tasty though!!! I believe they were langsat as there was a definite hint of grapefruit flavor that I later read in a description of langsat. Does Longkong taste similar? Does it also have a hint of grapefruit taste also?? Of course I planted 4 large green seeds that I salvaged from the bunch of fruit so I was wondering which variety it was. Pictures of longkong and langsat look similar.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

WHERE IS THIS FREAKING MARKET??!!! Crap! How fortunate you are to be able to obtain such treasures.

Langsat and longkong are very similar. Longkong has less latex after peeling. They are often seedless or having only a few. The Thais favor the longkong and it is widely becoming more popular elsewhere.

You aren't going to be disappointed in either.

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Thanks for the reply Jay. Whatever it was it was tasty and will be back for more. I'm in London, ON and yes.. very fortunate to have this store here. Now I just need a greenhouse like yours :).

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Well...there is an old saying in Thailand I believe concerning langsats. You plant them for your grandchildren!! They are very very slow.

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