Tebow mango tree for container

fruit.loverJuly 18, 2012

Hello all Mango lovers,

I am new to this forum but have been following some conversations here.

I have below Mango trees and would like to add two more mango trees in containers as I have run out of the ground space.

This year I have planted:

Pickering - In ground

Carrie - In ground

Mallika - In ground

Glenn - In container

Nam-Doc-Mai#4 - In container

I would like 2 more Mango trees. I have been reading about Tebow mango tree. Is it good for container? Could anybody please suggest one more mango tree for the container?

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If you didn't want a repeat of Pickering, I would check out Cogshall or Julie. I think some people have not been thrilled with Tebow/Young and it's not a dwarf.

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Thanks for the suggestion Plumeriafl. I guess a repeat of Pickering might be a good idea. I have read that Cogshall may not be a heavy bearer and Julie is not resistant to anthracnose.
Actually this time I want it all in one tree. I would like a tree that is highy disease resistant, heavy/consistent bearer, superb eating quality and can be managed in a container. Does anybody know of a mango tree having all these qualities?

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Icea cream is the other that comes to mind, but it is not known for good production. I don't speak from experience with Cogshall, but I've read that it's not such a poor producer. Not a huge producer either. Julie is known for anthracnose problems as you say. I'm pretty sure Pickering will be your best bet to meet your criteria.

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How many Mangoes generally a condo Mango produce in its early years?
How about Maha Chinook in container? Is it a condo mango tree? I checked PIN website but they do not have this tree listed. However they gave Mallika 5 rating in production, disease resistant, Tree & Flavor. So per PIN, Mallika is the winner. But I do not have any exprience growing mango trees yet. All my trees are very new. I do not mind repeating the variety I already have but want to make sure that it is worth growing.
So, what you all suggest Mallika, Pickering, Maha Chinook, Fairchild or some other variety?

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Maha Chanok (aka Mahachanook, Maha Chinook, etc. - there are a lot of spellings) is definitely not a dwarf tree. I don't think it's even considered particularly compact.

I don't think you are going to get a lot of fruit from a mango in a container, unless of course your container is huge. Maybe 3-4 fruit, after a your tree is a couple years old. Generally it's not a good idea to let a 1-2 year old tree carry fruit because it takes so much energy from the tree. Then again, taking energy away from the tree can be a good thing when you are trying to restrict the growth of the tree. High productivity is one of the reasons why Pickering is said to remain small for a long time. The heavy fruiting diverts energy that the tree that would otherwise have put towards growing leaves and branches.

It's definitely more of a challenge keeping a mango in a container than growing one in the ground. You have to pay more attention to watering, you have to take it out of the pot and prune the roots every so often, etc. Besides the Maha, any of the others would probably be OK, but Pickering probably the most compact, followed by Mallika and Fairchild (I'm not sure in which order).

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I would not plant something you already have. I only have a few mango varieties myself. I have heard great things about Maha Chanook. Fairchild and Cogshall are also supposed to be very good and may be smaller than Maha Chanook. I remember reading in a post somewhere that even Cogshall can get very large.

You will probably have to prune all your trees anyways so might as well get one that tastes the best and MC would probably be best in terms of flavor. Production on MC is supposed to be good.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I have a nice Cogshall that I keep (pruned)in the shape of a bush....its been pretty productive for me so far, gave me some large size mangoes this year. I think it would do great in a container as long as you prune it once a year.

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Thank you all for your suggestions.
Puglvr1, your mango tree looks absolutely awesome. Thanks for posting the picture. I have decided to go for Maha and Cogshall. I like buying from PIN but they do not have Maha Chinook on their website. I'll try plantogram.
I'll take some pictures of my newly planted trees and share with you all.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks fruitlover! Good luck, looking forward to seeing your pictures.

I trimmed(pugged) my tree several weeks ago, and just picked my very last fruit a few days ago. New growths are starting to emerge now...

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