Annona squamosa wither leaves

amenendezJuly 2, 2014

I purchase this sugar-apple tree May 2012 but recently it's looking sick the leaves are curved and the tip of them are burn
Is this cause by a pest or do I have an issue with the soil?
I don't want to loose the tree
Please advise

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Sorry to hear about your leaves. I have a couple of sugar apple trees and they are pretty easy to grow. They do require an application of Iron and other micronutrients in addition to fertilizer in order to be able to absorb nourishment from the soil and photosynthesis.

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They may be easy to grow, but I've had one in the ground nearly 3 years is ~9' tall and VERY healthy but have not seen more than one bud which did not pollinate. How are yours fruiting and how old / tall are they and how long have they been in the ground?

This long wait time in the ground for me seems to be the norm. In a previous home I had a sugar apple 3' tall that was full of fruit.


What is that on top of the leaves? If that were the underside, I'd say it was white fly. I only saw white fly on top of the leaves on some papaya that were in the shade.

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My trees were planted in Spring 2011. I fertilize & water them as much as possible. I haven't got many flowers from them but they grow with other trees. I'm hoping next year will be a good harvest.

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Yours looks about the same size as mine but I don't do more than fertilize once a quarter or so and water when dry, say once a week, but I have OK soil and have lots of decomposing mulch.

Mine is deep, deep green so it's happy but only one flower this year. My Geffner right next to it has flowered every year and each year my crop doubles or better as it matures. Oh well, next year, we'll see.

I'm wondering if the fertilizer schedule you're on and the good soil and fertilizer I give it is giving them more emphasis on growth, nitrogen will do that. But then again the Geffner is bearing fruit, there's going to be about 20 in the harvest this year. Hard to tell the Geffner is STILL flowering AND has fist sized fruits on it too.

Anyway, If the sugar apple doesn't get going next year, I might select another atemoya cultivar. We'll see.

I (soto voce') threatened my persimmon last year (in the ground 3+ years) that I was going to yank it if it didn't fruit this season, and it worked! What's next? Classical music to induce fruiting? :-)

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I too have an atemoya in my yard that is producing nicely & increasing it's yields every year. Is a 48-26 Lisa. It gave me a fruit within a year of putting it in the ground. It's been in the ground 3.5 yrs. Delicious fruit but I'd like it bigger!

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What type of fertilizer do you use in the Annona

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"What type of fertilizer do you use in the Annona"

I get my fertilizer at a nearby nursery (Excalibur) I don't know what's in it but my garden likes it.

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I use a standard citrus / avocado fertilizer. I use granular in the spring and spikes through the summer.

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