Can production affect Glenn mango flavor?

wardog25July 15, 2014

My Glenn mango is about 3 years old and grows like crazy. Last year, since the tree was small, I only let it give 3 mangoes and they were amazing.

This year I got greedy and let it give 25 mangoes (5 I ate green), but now that we are eating the ripe ones, they are still good but they don't seem quite as sweet as last years.

Did I let it bear too many? The tree would set 50 or more if I let it, but I pull a lot off when they are pea-sized. Even so, I'm just wondering if having a 3-yr old tree give 25 mangoes was too much and affected the flavor. Is that possible?

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Its possible...but to be honest at 3 years old the tree is still very young and immature and not consistant. It takes about 5-7 years before its considered mature, closer to 10 years. You may have let it set too many fruits at 3 years old...but likely the cause of the fruits taste/flavor might have more to do with your weather, rainfall and or watering habits...

Also, sometimes mango flavors change from year to year... varying in flavors again more to do with your climate and environment...too much rainfall or watering practices can sometimes make the flavor "washed" out or watery...while drier conditions should make the flavors more intense...just my personal experience with my Glenn and other mangoes I have...

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Ok, thanks!

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