April 1st and What's blooming

jean_mdc(z 4/5 NY)April 1, 2005

As I looked around our property today I was delighted to see some of our crocus blooming. Since we have mostly shade gardens it takes time for the snow to disappear and the wet ground to dry up. What do folks in the Albany/Rensselaer area have coming up? Give me a preview of what we have to look forward to.


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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

Hello Jean!

I'm not near you in miles, but I'm zone 5/borderline 4, and we probably have similar things sprouting right now. I've got crocuses and reticulated irises blooming, and some hardy pansies that overwintered for me. VERY cheerful, espcially the crocus tomasinianus (a vibrant violet color with orange-red stigmas).

Blessed spring!


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jean_mdc(z 4/5 NY)

I bet the reticulated irises are just beautiful. I know that I also have some miniature iris but they bloom later.

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kareen(z5 NY Renss.Co.)

Hi Jean,
This is a good sign....once the blooms start here it is nonstop till snowfall and I am sure its like that at your place too. Spring has sprung!!!!!
My earliest bloomers are under the bird feeder and I think the seed shells have hindered their bloom. I do have tons of dafs up but no blooms yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our pond and gardens

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RheaT(Zone 5a)

Hey Jean, I think we must be neighbors! If you're borderline 4/5 then you must be uphill from us. Our elevation is 650 feet which I'm told makes us flatlanders.

Not a blessed thing is blooming here yet. We don't have early Spring flowering bulbs so I'm waiting for the daffs to do their thing. Forsythia is well budded but not ready yet.

However, I did see one sure sign of Spring today -- garter snakes mating!

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Crocus tomasianus and C. tomasianus Whitwell's Purple, winter aconite, snowdrops and iris reticulata. Daffodils in bud so it won't be long now.

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My crocuses are a little late but the 'vernus' and 'flavus' ones are very close to opening and so are my 'pushkinias' and eranthis. My iris reticulata were under a big pile of snow until very recently.. so they will need extra time to 'celebrate their liberation'!

There is a garden just around the corner from us with a big patch of daffodils in bloom for about 4 days.. It is so cheerful!


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My daffodils and irises are just emerging from the soil. I hope to see the anemones soon, now that the snow has finally melted.

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