I heard from Kathy (Jaleeisa) today!

dan_the_mailmanJune 21, 2010

Last week I mailed out a package of plants to Kathy, wanting to surprise her and give her spirits a boost. Here's a copy of the e-mails we traded back and forth on facebook tonight.

Kialynna Talesedrin June 21 at 3:36pm Report

Hi Dan! I got your box today and what a wonderful, wonderful surprise it was! I had to start a new account because my old one was hacked. They wanted all my pretty little pixels in Yoville, apparently. I'm still dealing with FB and Zynga about this. It's been a real pain trying to find everyone again. I keep trying to make lists and search people down each day. If you wouldn't mind, can you please tell all the GWers this name for me so I can friend everyone again?

Now, back that that lovely, lovely overstuffed box! THANK YOU! (HUGS) I cannot wait to have Cliff and the boys plant those iris! I have another fence line I want to line with them because the show this year was so spectacular on the one fence! I want to be able to see that kind of display from my desk window :) And lets' see, there were BES and Lamb's Ear and Dianthus in there too, right? And that vase is PERFECT for using this summer outside in the gazebo for family get togethers! Hehe, thanks for sending the sweeties too, I'll use them to bribe Cliff and the boys into planting everything for me :)

OH! And while I have your eyes... if you see Melissa/Hazelnutbunny, will you please tell her those Daylilies she sent me last year are putting on one heck of a show right now? They started blooming just after I was hacked and I have been trying to get the boys to take pictures each day. I had wanted to share them with the MNFers :) So I'll need to get those uploaded as well.

I miss you all so much! I really need to start spending more time in GW. I just get really depressed when I do, at times. It's really hard to still not be able to garden. Having my hands in the dirt was my sanity and my joy. Cliff tries to find ways for me to do that inside. Unfortunately we don't have enough windows in this place to really be able to.

Give everyone my love, please. (HUGS) And thank you again for such a wonderful surprise! It arrived in wonderful shape and Vince went right out and got them all soaking in some water in the shade to help them recover. I think this is the loveliest Summer Solstice celebration I could have! What better way to celebrate it than with lovely, growing plants? Thank you!

OH! And give Bump and Stella scritches for me!



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. .

Dan Coates June 21 at 7:03pm

M'Dear, I am SO glad to hear from you, and that you enjoyed your surprise box is simply a fabulous bonus! Would it be okay if I copied this and posted it on the GW round robin forum? There's nothing better than hearing first hand that someone is okay, happy, and being taken care of, and I'd like to share the joy if it's okay with you. I'll go give Bump and Stella those scritches, but first I want remind you to always remember you are loved and thought of often. If you should start feeling down again, just remember that, you hear me? ((GRIN)) Having you as a friend is definitely a feather in MY cap!!!

(Gentle) Hugs, & some serious Hair-Mussings!



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. Kialynna Talesedrin June 21 at 7:16pm Report

LOL, I would be more than happy for you to repost it on GW, hun. And I promise I will try to get by there tomorrow for at least a brief hello. The last week or so has been crazy. I'm having to ride herd on Facebook and Zynga to keep them moving on my account being hacked!


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.Dan Coates June 21 at 7:19pm

LOL! I can so picture you riding a mustang, playing a harmonica while also roping and capturing Facebook and Zynga, bringing them in to be branded so they'll do what they're told! Go get'em li'l darling!


. .

. Kialynna Talesedrin June 21 at 7:21pm Report

LOL! I'm telling you, it feels I'm I'm having to keep them corralled and headed in the right direction! And you wanna talk about one rather livid man... cliff is so hot that they couldn't stop this.. we were online when they broke into my game account and started stealing stuff. And he's even more mad that they can't seem to get their act together and fix this.

Heading out to finish making dinner :) (HUGS) Talk to you in awhile :)


. .


. .

. If you are on facebook, Kialynna Talesedrin is Kathy's new handle. Talk to you all later!


-Dan & the Wee Beasties

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Great! Thanks for keeping us updated, Dan. I was so sorry to hear about Kat's account being hacked. *grrr*
I hope that hackers farmville barn burns to the ground. :P

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I'll go you one better than that Bunny. I'm hoping their real home burns to the ground, with them in it! I'm still pissed off about Kathy's account being hacked. I'd like to find the person, cover them with honey, and then sit them on top of a fire ant anthill. That'd be a good start, don't you think?

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