Growing Extreme tomatoes

sjklyApril 6, 2013

This year my theme seems to be trying out the extremes. I am growing several dwarf-container varieties, sweet-n-neat which I had last year, tumbling tom, and another mini variety I can't remember right now.
Then I also just planted 2 Italian tree tomato seeds-mostly just out of curiosity. I have no idea what I would do with the number of tomatoes it is supposed to produce-and very little idea where to put the plant if it gets as large as they say.

Has anyone grown these varieties?

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

I grew Tumbling Tom last year, when most things died of Late Blight (it survived a bit longer than most). The fruit was the shape and size of an XXL olive. Taste was better than average for a cherry.

My Tumbling Tom really wanted to be in a hanging basket. So if your pot isn't on a balcony railing or pedestal, be prepared to keep the branches from crawling all over the ground (or cement or whatever the pot is sitting on). There are bugs down there, and they will eat your tomatoes.

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Thank you for that information. I can put it on a bench and let it tumble or transplant it into a hanging basket.

I use a ton more of the bite sized tomatoes then I do the full sized ones so most of my tomato plants are some form of cherry or grape.

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Where do you find the seeds and not have to pay $20.00 for 10?

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Try variety Cherry Falls from Livingston Seed Co. Cascading cherry tomato type, best to place on some kind of plant stand. I put three plants in one 15 gallon pot. Incredibly heavy production, got more tomatoes than I could use. Ended up pulling the loaded plants when garden plants started producing. Decent flavor, thin skin. Not a fan of cherry tomatoes in general but I want early tomatoes, and container cherries are my best chance of achieving this goal.

Have been growing Red Robins for many years. Cherry Falls beats Red Robin hands down.

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