help! avocado transplant - didnt work ?

greenman62July 1, 2013

I tried to dig up an avacado i planted 2 years ago.
I put it in a 5 gal bucket with good drainage.

ive been keeping it watered since it is 90+ every day here (New Orleans)
I had cut about 20% of the leaves. the others started wilting
so i cut it back again... twice.
now there are only 3 leaves (started with about 20)
and all 3 are wilted, pretty bad.

Not sure what i can do, or if i can bring it back, but any advice is welcome.


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Water water water and get it out of the direct sun for awhile.

But if it's been in the ground for 2 years and all the roots you got fit in a 5 gallon bucket, it's lost a ton of its root system. It'll be rough going.

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actually i think i got most of the roots (80-90% ? )
it didnt seem that extensive.
i used a shovel and dug up around the whole thing.

i have been keeping it out of the sun.
the original location only gave it 4-50 % daylight.
i am giving it only about %20 now.

the top is starting to die now also.
it is starting to look like a goner

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