Need a ground cover.

mudlady_gw(Syracuse-z5)April 6, 2007

My new doublewide is on a slab and the lot has a gentle slope. The west side of the house is on the spot where fill was needed to level the slab. The house sits on an artificial hill that is too steep to mow. I had originally hoped to truck in enough topsoil to ammend the drop off and make the area into lawn. Long story, but I can't get heavy equipment to the area and I have decided plan B will be to cover the slope with a prolific and hardy ground cover. There are no trees in that area and it is on the west side of the house. I live in Conquest, a Port Byron mailing address, where we often get brutal winds. In the winter we also get plenty of snow. I'm in zone 5. I would appreciate suggestions of a plant that would quickly cover the area and I want it to be something that is atractive year round. Once it is established and grows down to tne mowable lawn, it should look much better out there.


Nancy in Central New York

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Ditch lillies...they are sometimes called. Orange dayliilies that seem to grow wild in NYS. They spread quickly. Come up early. Are pretty cheap. And you never have to mow them down. They can cover a multitude of sins and are great for holding soil in place on slopes. Love the sun and can tolerate shade.

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Groundcovers that are "fastgrowing", "attractive year round", and hardy to z5: I'd suggest vinca minor (periwinkle) or a creeping juniper. If you're willing to go higher than a groundcover, I'd suggest barberries, red-twig dogwood, dwarf rhododendrons, etc.

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and Euonymous!!!! a great little "groundcover"-type shrub! :)

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Some of the nasty aggressive groundcovers might be perfect for a place like this. Chameleon plant, gooseneck loosestrife, etc.

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