My Rambutan seeds are sprouting!!!

bananafanJuly 17, 2008

I bought four Rambutans and after eating them, I decided to sprout them. First I scrubed the seeds clean and then I placed two on paper towel and wet it with diluted tea. The other two I placed them in peat soil mix and watered them with the rest of the tea. That was on Sunday and today when I went to check ... tada one of them on paper is beginning to sprout! I went to check the other two in the pots. One of them in the pots is also starting to sprout. So, they both sprout at the same time whether on paper towel or in the soil. I heard they prefer acidic soil and that was why I tried tea on them and it seems to have worked.

Now I'm really excited and can't wait to see how they will grow. Has any one of you succeeded sprouting from seeds and have grown them into bigger plants and even reaching the fruiting stage? I don't know the quality of seedlings verses grafted trees. There's the question of male and female plants. How do I know what I get when I sprout these seeds. In any case, one thing for sure is I'm going to try to get some more rambutans and sprout a bunch of them just in case some don't make it. I hope I'm not happy too soon, but when they grow some leaves, I'll try to take some pictures.

Share your success stories if you have any and also any advice/suggestion about how to handle them from here on will be greatly appreciated.

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Every last Rambutan I've ever sown has rotted, and provided food for fungus gnat larva.

>but when they grow some leaves

Please don't wait. We want to copy you straight from germination lol

Trust me. They're just as great to see when tiny! And we'll all be vicariously giddy for you :D

I have another batch of fresh rambutan, and will attempt to emulate your method. I'll take pictures too!

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

I have a couple I'm going to try. They were the first I've ever tasted. Pretty good considering from Publix.


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OK, here's a couple of pix. They were quite small, but the flesh is sweet. I wonder which variety they belong to. I got them from Publix too. For 75 cents each, a little expensive to just eat them, but I was more interested in sprouting them. My first attempt many months ago didn't work out. They became moldy. It seems the scrapping off the flesh from the seeds and washing them thoroughly helped and perhaps the tea also. Who knows, I'm just glad they even wanted to sprout. With the growing, eh ... we'll see how they progress from here. Sorry, I never figure out how to make the pictures smaller. Well, I hope you both will have fun sprouting and hope to hear some success story soon.

Got the Rambutan 5 days ago:

Sprouting today. The one on the left is just beginning to break through the seed husk. The one on the right is definitely coming out.

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Where do you guys live that your publix carries these? I am lucky to find mango's in my publix.

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Few more pictures to share of my Rambutan seedlings.

Day 9 (Tap root and part of stem unfurling)

Day 11 (Stem straightening up)

Day 13 (Tiny leaves emerging)

Day 13 (More of the tiny leaves)

I don't know if they will ever going to make it, but just watching them grow is fun!

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ch3rri(z6 PA)


Thanks for sharing. I'm planting some of the rambutan seeds myself. My mom helped me smuggled some seeds from vietnam. The fruits are from Thailand. The best variety. Hopefully it will grow well.

Good luck.

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I heard the Thailand ones are excellent. Hope you get some results soon. Have fun!

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jsvand5, drive south to FL if you want to get some (just kidding). I know the Mexicans grow them too, so the ones I got might have been from there. You probably can get some online--fresh fruit and seeds, I believe.

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A couple more pics of one of my Rambutan seedlings. They seem be happy sitting on the window sill for now. Took one of them down to take pictures. I'm still watering them and spraying them with tea. They seem to have liked it. I'm also starting to feed them with half strength liquid fert. When they grow a little stronger, I'll move them out until the temp starts falling below 60's. By then, maybe I'll try to put them back by my East window.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Wow. Very nice rambutan. I'm planting some myself and wondering what kind of tea are you using. I need some for my rambutan seedlings too.:) Thanks

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Thanks ch3rri. These babies are fun to grow. The question on what kind of tea--I'm guessing any kind of tea would work as I'm only in the experimental stage right now. Tea is naturally acidic which is what Rambutans like and perhaps other acidic loving plants like lychees perhaps? I have yet to try that out with my lychees. Right now, I'm using tea bags and I pour the tea into a spray bottle and use it to wet the soil whenever the soil dries up. I don't have any guarantee this will always work, but as far as what it's doing to my plants now, they seem to be quite happy.

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How are your rambutan doing? Pic please.

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I just picked up some seeds from Vietnam grown fruit and am also interested in anyone's experience with seedlings all the way to fruiting...

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When you buy the fruits and as soon as you're done eating the fruit clean away the remainder bits and rinse it and put it in the soil and cover the pot or seed tray to keep in humidity and they should sprout in no time. My Rambutans sprout very easily... it's the keeping them growing after that is difficult.


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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

I agree. Sprouting them was easy, but they did not take well to transplanting.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Where in Fl do they have them at Publix? I am in NE FL so none around here. I am driving down to Fairchild and then Homestead pretty soon so if I know which Publix have Rambutan I could stop on the way lol.

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So weird I bought Rambutan at my local Stater Brothers Market today, i've been wanting some and was checking the asian market periodically. They also sold Cherimoya for a while too (stater brothers-i usually buy fruits for seeds)! I started 4 fresh rambutan seeds today, I hope i have luck with them!

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They're more tropical than mangos and they need more humidity as well. Good luck with them.

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