WANTED: Ft Worth Autumn Swap Nov 1 2014 "Save the Date"

sylviatexas1August 20, 2014

I know it's early, but the calendar is filling up fast!

November 1 was picked to try to avoid conflict with other events this fall:

September 13 is the Iris Sale in Cleburne (see thread on Discussions titled "Plant Sale")

September 27 is the Iris & Daylily Sale at FW Botanic Gardens (fwbg).

October 4 just seemed too early (hot).

October 11 & 12 (Sa & Su) is the fwbg Fall Plant Sale, & it's totally insane, so if you go to the sale, you won't have the strength for anything else!

October 18 is the Waxahachie Swap (a tiny swap so far, but that's when it is!).

October 25 or 26 (Sa or Su), there's another plant swap in Arlington.

November 1 seemed the best date before we get into unpredictable weather & Thanksgiving plans.

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We've been doing this for so long that I forgot to put in the directions & guidelines!

The Swap is at Trinity Park in Ft Worth:
From I30 on the western edge of downtown Ft Worth, go north on University & take the first right turn into the park.

Follow the lane around til you see people & plants!
We usually try to set up near the pavilions at the farthest part of the park, but sometimes those are occupied & we ad-lib.

We start around 9 AM & stay as long as we want (usually around 1 PM we're all ready to take a nap...)

You can bring a dish to share (see the trade thread).

Guidelines are loose & general & commonsense:
Don't take anything unless/until the person who brought it says you can.
It has happened that people will think they've got a trade worked out before the swap, a pre-trade, but there's a misunderstanding about what each person actually has.
Maybe your David Austin Rose is in a 1 gallon pot, & you think you're getting a 1-gallon apricot seedling for it, but it turns out that the apricot is an apple! or the apricot is a pit with a sprout emerging from it.

If you don't want to complete the trade *for any reason*, all you have to do is say you don't want to complete the trade.

If someone tells you, "I don't want to complete the trade", smile & say you're sorry, & trade your item to someone else.

Do not bring sticks in dirt to the swap & claim that they're plants! This has only happened a couple of times, but it's not right, it's not nice, & if you do it, you have to leave the swap.

(It's not likely that this will happen;
we've all been trading for so many years that we take it for granted that nobody we know would do something like this.)

Trade fairly.
You can trade anything for anything you like, as long as both parties are in agreement;
if you want to trade your cow for a package of magic beans, you may do so, but please do not try to make someone trade you their cow for your magic beans!

We aren't doing the prize/gift drawing this year, but if you want to being a "prizelike" something to trade, please do so!

garden art
garden junk
nice books
vases/decorative pots

What have I forgotten?
I know I've forgotten something...

Somebody please remember it & add it to this thread!

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