First year fruiting pineapple.

notascrenameJuly 11, 2014

I started this pineapple last year from a pineapple I grew. I thought they all took 2 years to fruit. I did notice it grew rapidly from the crown planting and continued over the winter in the greenhouse. I potted it up to its current home in April. Call me curios,Jim

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It's unusual from my perspective, most of mine fruited in the second year so whatever you're doing keep it up!

Not one of the 10 or so i have looks as good as yours.

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My planted top is now 6 years old, and only has leaves.

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usually 2 or more years here in the 48. with year round warm temps, like being in a greenhouse, they can fruit sooner. the size of the plant also matters. yours looks like a 2-3 year old plant. great color and shine on the leaves.

of the 10 or so i've planted over the years only about 3 of them have actually fruited.

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Commercially fruiting is usually initiated by gassing so that they develop and can be harvested all at the same time. In the home you can put an apple in with them, it only takes very little gas (ethylene) to start the process. Acetylene gas is also used. Smoke from fires usually has some of the gasses which will initiate flowering in pineapples so if the plants have been exposed to that there's a chance they'll flower early. So if you want to force it, putting a plastic bag over the plant and placing some apples inside is probably the easiest way. Of course, if the plant isn't old enough for it you can end up with dwarfed fruit.

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