Best Soil Mix for Passion Fruit in raised bed

fern15July 28, 2011

I purchased a passion fruit vine from Pine Island Nursery this past weekend. It is currently in a 3 gallon container. I plan on transferring the passion fruit vine to a raised garden bed I have built. The raised garden bed is 16" high and 3' w x 5' l. I also placed a landscape fabric underneath the raised garden bed. I'm also adding a trellis, so the passion fruit vine can grow. So I wanted to know which soil mix would be recommended. I'd appreciate any help.

Thanks Fernando

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I grow yellow passion fruit and sweet passion fruit (passiflora alata). They like organic type of soil with excellent drainage. If the roots stay wet, they will rot. Excellent drainage is a must when growing passion vines.

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I have the yellow passion fruit. Do you mix anything into the soil and where do you buy the organic soil??


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I meant to say soil with lots of organic matter, not organic soil. I make a big and wide hole, maybe one yard in lenght and width and 1/2 a yard deep. I fill out this hole with the best soil I can buy at any garden center...I mix in some cow manure, chicken manure and any other rich matter I find...make sure you mulch heavily after planting the vines. Fernando, in Brasil, commercial passion vines are replanted every couple years. Here in Florida, I do the same, I replant my vines every two years, maximum every three years. Nematodes is a big problem in sandy soil. I hope this info will help you. Where are you located?

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I forgot to mention, yellow passion fruit, you need a minimum of two(2) vines for cross polination. Also, you can increase fruit size and your crop by cross hand polinizing the flowers unless you have lots of carpenter bees in your yard.

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I'm located in Miami Beach. I have two vines that i'm going to plant.

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Mine is in a raised bed 3' high without a bottom, as it is on the native soil which is sandy. In the bed I mixed compost, and soil from my yard. My purple passion fruit is doing spectacularly. I got around 50 fruits from it the first year, but I hand pollinated most of them as it was not getting enough insect visitors to keep it fruiting.

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Even though the purple variety is self polinated, hand polination helps with pulp volume and fruit size. All commercial plantations in Brasil uses hand polination to increase fruit production. I grow a large yellow variety and my record so far is a 320 grams fruit, which amounts to a little over 2/3 of a pound.

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Hi Berto,

I was advised against hand pollination but I'm really glad I did. For the first time I knew what passionfruit juice should taste like.


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I grew up enjoying passion fruit which a call "maracuja". I am trying to grow a sweet variety (passiflora alata) in large pots here in South Florida. So far, some flowers but no fruits yet. They will flower again when the weather gets a bit cooler. I will hand polinate them and hopefully will get some fruits. Hand polination is the way to go if one wants large fruits with lot of pulp. Have you tried to make jelly with them? It is a fantastic jelly!!!

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Hello Fernando,

With my experience, I would say that the best soil for passion fruit should be rich in manure and can drain very well. Passion fruit need a lot of nutrients in order to sustain the vines natural vigorous growth. Since I live close to a horse facility, I use lot of horse manure with seems to work very well. I also try to mix in well shredded wood chips. I have a Frederick passion fruit vine and it is about 15 feet tall with three enormous fruits. I got it last summer and it was grown from cuttings.

Good luck, Daniel

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