Fascell Mango

jupiterplants(10/A)July 25, 2011

Hi ! I just had my first fascell mango and I love it ! I wish I had more room in my yard LOL!

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The ones I've had this year actually aren't as good as last year for some reason. I think it might be kind of finicky in terms of when its harvested. Can be a very good mango though and is very anthracnose resistant and productive. Nice color too.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

My experiences with Fascell have also been less than stellar. Fairchild originally rated the the eating quality of this mango at Good, on the Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor scale. That meant that it originally did not meet my criteria for purchase. I have never heard of anyone raving about it before. When I have had the fruit, it was fair, at best. I'd be hesitant to call it good.....but I probably haven't had one in prime condition. I understand that this was the first mango patented in Florida....so it must have something going for it. I just wish I could find out what.


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This is so funny.... I got both Kents and the Fascells locally and the Kents had the " too ripe " center with little hard inedible spots through out the fruit. They also were rather bland, where the fascells were stronger (mango) in the taste and no where near the waste. I might also add that I had other people tell me that they had a bumper crop of Hadens this year where I only had about 10 fruit. Which isn't near enough to share with the squirrels. The weather can sure play havoc when you trying to grow food. I hope I can get more of the Fascells.

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