Spring bouquet suggestions?

phylrae(z5a/centralNYS)May 4, 2007

I am disappointed that nothing right now is blooming at the same time as my daffodils (to put in bouquets). I don't want to bother much with tulips. Looks like my bleeding hearts will bloom soon. A weird spring though. What else could I grow for next spring, so that I have other flowers to mix in daffodil bouquets? I really want things that perennialize. My bouquets are NOT tall either! Thanks! :0) Phyl

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

Extra early tulips are good - try kaufmann or greigii tulips, and some of the early Darwin hybrids. Sprigs of forsythia and pussy willow, or red dogwood twigs, are a nice accent. Various loose-formed hyacinths are nice. (If you plant them this fall, they'll loosen up in form a little each successive year, so they aren't so stiff; there are also some heirloom and "informal" ones that are looser from the beginning.) For small bouquets, like tussy-mussies, you can use early foliage, too: lady's mantle appears early, and any evergreen can be snipped for filler. Cherry and crabapple twigs can be forced into bloom early too. Wild plants can also be good filler - like early strawberry leaves.

I hope this is helpful!


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Aurore(Zone 4/5 NY)

Forsythia for in house bouquets. I've got some small rooted forsythia if you want some.
Not too much in bloom that you can cut, but you could try varying the different types of daffodils. Daffodils come in many shapes and pink, white, orange, green and yellow. Vinca minor is also in bloom, but don't know how good a cut flower that is. I have chionodoxa (glory of the snow)in bloom in the garden and that looks nice with the daffs. My pulmonaria is also starting to bloom. I believe eranthis and maybe windflower (anemone), anemone sylvestris and crown imperials and fritillaria are also in bloom now. Don't think any of those make good cut flowers, but nice in the garden. Pussy willows and early varieties of tulips and perhaps the dwarf irises might also be in bloom and they'd be good to cut. When flowers bloom will depend on your climate zone. Your best bet is to take a peek in your neighbor's yards. Pansies in bloom from the store can be planted now and cut, but kinda short with daffs. Be sure you don't cut the leaves off the daffodils if you want them to bloom again next year.

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hammerl(z5-6 Amherst NY)

I haven't tried cutting them, but hellebore (lenten rose) is blooming now, and my last Better Homes and Gardens showed a bouquet with some in it.

Also not sure how it holds up in a vase, but my money plant (honesty, lunaria)is blooming now (most people use the dried seed pods in arrangements). Also hyacinth and grape hyacinth, which contrast nicely with some of the more golden daffs. I also have pansies blooming now, and pulmonaria (which also has great foliage). My marsh marigold has gone crazy (and a bi-color sport in white and yellow has appeared), that might work, too.

Oh, and forget-me-nots! Mine just started up.

You could also try some branches from trees that are blooming now, like cherry.

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Remember Daffodil excrete some thing toxic to other flowers in a vase.

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Thank you all for your excellent ideas! Everytime I plant tulips, they seem to not show up, but just rot I guess. And I have them in well-draining soil with not much bulb fertilizer either.
I would LOVE to know where I could find the PINK pussywillow (salix)! Memories from childhood I guess.
Laurelin, were you referring to hyacinth multiflora? I am looking at John Scheeper's website pix of that kind...they look like they might work. I mainly grow those UNIQUE type daffs you mentioned...split coronas, doubles, fragrant etc.
I was thinking of ordering fritillaria meleagris (the checkered kind) from JScheepers...for something different in my bouquets.
Aurore, that was SO nice of you to offer cuttings of your forsythia! I appreciate your kindness. Let me think about it for a few days, if you don't mind. :0) How big does it grow?
Hammerl, great idea with the hellebores! My husband has been talking about growing some for a few years now. They seemed expensive, but maybe I can find them at a local nursery. I DO plan to get more muscari from John Scheepers in the fall. The few I planted a few years ago just never grew. :0(
Thanks, jeanie, for the reminder. Yes, I always cut my daffs the night before I arrange, so the toxic sap is virtually gone the next day, then rearrange in clean water with flower food for my bouquets (I sell locally).
Oh well, I CAN grow lots of daffodils, roses, iris, sunflowers and lilies well, so I'll have to just keep trying with the tulips and muscari!! Thanks again! :0) Phyl

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

Hi Phyrae,

Yes, it was hyacinth multiflora I was thinking of. I know that the "regular" hyacinths will loosen up and bloom in more graceful clusters as they grow in the same site for a couple years, but I haven't tried using them as cut flowers yet. I have 'Chestnut Flower' from the Brent & Becky's catalog, and it's wonderful - I've had it for four years now, and I'd like to get more.

Scheepers sure has some great stuff, don't they? I got the most amazing tulips from them a couple years ago.

King's Orange tulips - they perennialized for me, hooray!

Hyacinth 'Chestnut Flower'


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Hi Laurel,
Love your photos! I have had great success with all of John Scheeper's plants, EXCEPT for tulips....but I have had more failures with tulips than any other plant I've ever tried to grow. I think they all turn to mush in the ground. I try so hard to amend the heavy clay soil we have, but apparently it still hasn't been good enough. I tried them 3 different ways (in barrels of amended soil with holes drilled in the bottom, in the ground (amended) and in a metal trough (amended & holes drilled in bottom of trough). I am about to give up on tulips altogether...and the species kind (perennial) just don't do much for me.
I may try hyacinth multiflora though. I also am about to try convallaria majalis rosea (pink lily of the valley) but it is already about to bloom (in 2 pots). That's a whole "nuther" post altogether. :0) Phyl

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