vegetable garden planting

jerome69(6)May 9, 2012

has anyone put their plants in yet? (buffalo n.falls area)

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I'm in the Syracuse area. So far the only thing I've gotten in the ground as far as vegetables go, is peas. I was hoping to get broccoli, kohlrabi, cabbage and cauliflower in past weekend, but it didn't happen. So I'll try again to get them in this weekend. I think the ground still isn't warm enough for other things like beans, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

I usually don't get the majority of the veggie garden in until Memorial Day weekend and then continue to plant through the first week of June.

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I have my first planting of salad stuff in (lettuce, spinach, pepper grass, arugula, mustards, escarole), also peas, kohlrabi, carrots, radish. Got them planted in mid April but have had nothing but bad weather since - so nothing else yet. Went from being ahead of the game to falling behind, but I guess that is the kind of year we are going to have.

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I've had onions out since the end of March, I've also got peas that are about 7"tall, carrots, beets, lettuce, cole crops, bok choy, potatoes, and turnips in.

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luvahydrangea(Albany, NY 5)

I'm in Albany, I put out a bunch of Cherry tomatoes last week, and they've been doing well. I'm about to plant out the rest of my tomatoes and peppers tomorrow if the rain stays away. Would have done it today, but my daughter was sick all day with allergies. :(

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Planted mesclun mix lettuce, bok choy, leeks, romaine lettuce, last week and yesterday. Yesterday I also planted broccoli, spinach, beets, watermelon radish, cherry radish, carrots, cucumber, lemon cucumber, squash, japanese eggplant... don't think I forgot anything. I'm in the southern Vermont area, about an hour east of Albany, NY. I am new to all this so I am curious if I even did it all right.
I started some Okra, direct sow, some bush beans and peas exactly one week ago today. The thing is, I am replanting some okra beans and peas from seeds I've soaked overnight and seeing if those ones do better. We had a few chilly days last week at the tailend. Anyone have tips! Let me know.

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It's a little late for lettuce, peas, broccoli, spinach, and radish, but they should still produce. Your spinach leaves might be small. Same with the bok choy. You'll have to watch them carefully so they don't bolt. It seems to be a fine line between when they are happy and when they bolt. The other stuff I'd say is quite timely in planting.

I got the bulk of my plants in this weekend. So cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, Swiss chard, collards, and lettuce went in (all as started plants). For starts, I also planted sage and parsley. I also planted beans, beans, beans - all by seed!

Next weekend I'll be finishing putting in the sections of the garden that are still barren and finding spots for the "tuckers." Those plants that didn't quite find a spot the first time through planting.

Hopefully the bunnies won't get all the greens. Otherwise, I might have to think about harvesting them since I know they'll be well fed and pesticide free!

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I succession plant salad stuff (lettuce, various greens, spinach) all summer, just put it where it will get shaded, like behind the yard long bean trellis and on the north side of the corn plots. This works even better if you use started plants, though mostly I just plant seed.


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I got everything in last weekend, everything is doing well so far...

Cauliflower (Plants)
Broccoli (Seeds)
Peppers (both)
Beans (Bush and pole from seeds started indoors 5 weeks ago)
Cucumbers (seeds started 4 weeks ago indoors)
Squash (seeds started 4 weeks ago indoors)
canteloupe & watermelon (seeds started 4 weeks ago indoors)

I have a half shade area that lettuce plants are going in because it's already getting about 77-84 degrees out so they will stil do okay in the shady area.

I'm up in Watertown.

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Still all new to this.. unfortunately my radishes.. the watermelon and cherry belle looked a bit like they've flopped to the ground and I noticed I don't see bulbing! Ah! You usually see the tops of them sticking out of soil right? I did not and still do not see them... It's been three weeks plus a few days and I think there's some sort of grub or pest eating the radishes since it looks like it's been eaten.

Ordered some Beneficial Nematodes from this place in New York.

Any thoughts?

What do I do with the bad radishes..? The weirdest part is my radish tops are fantastic and lush looking.

PS- I did thin out my radishes like as soon as they starting popping up too close to one another. Did I do it wrong?

Let me know what to do!

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Oh yes, and I thought I would add that my bok choy seems to be growing still but it's doing the droopy-ish thing like the radishes.

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If your radish tops are lush, but they are not producing a radish bulb, it could be one of two things. You could be loving them too much; ie. too much fertilizer (nitrogen in particular). Try laying off the plant food. Secondly, how rocky is your soil? I have tons a bits of shale in my yard. It makes it hard to grow root crops. After years of amending the soil, I'm finally able to produce a decent radish.

I have had little worms that get in the radishes and eat them too.

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