1st Mallika Mango

bluepalmJuly 20, 2008

A friend gave me one of these. I gave her one of my few Rosigold mangos and she gave me one of her few Mallikas.

The taste is very sweet, silky (no fiber), and very good. It reminded me of a super-sweet Kent mango. The Mallika has a very strong floral bouquet (when cut) and leaves a floral aftertaste. The taste itself is not too complicated (extremely sweet...a little "piney" near the skin, which I liked). I was surprised at how large the mangos are...about the size of a Valencia Pride mango. Interestingly, on the back of the mango, near the bottom, is a tiny point or horn-like protuberance. I'm happy I have a tree! Here are some pics:

I was told that the green area on the skin is where it was rubbing (branches, other fruit...I don't know; it's not my tree).

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Thanks for sharing your first experience with the taste of the Mallika mango. Even though I don't have that one, its good to hear firsthand from someone that has tasted it. Color inside is excellent and a Good size mango too.

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I love eating green mangos. I bought a mallika tree with some green mangos. You are right. They are huge! I was shocked. However make sure you eat it once it's ripe yellow not green as if you eat it green it is more sour then a lemon

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thanks for the report and mouthwatering pics

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

Nice pictures of a tasty fruit. I've tasted a couple, including one grown from a Mallika seed, they were both excellent. I have a small tree.


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I live in Bastrop Texas, about 40 miles East of Austin. Any one has grafted mango tree that planted in pot? Every year we have a couple of days that temperature goes down to below 32...I want to keep in pot so I can bring it into my green house when needed. Please help!

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I just bought a grafted mallika mango tree and I would like to keep it in a container. I don't know for sure what kind of fertilizer should I use for it. I heard after the tree has grown for few year and start fruiting, you should feed it with potassium only, is that right? Please help! Thanks.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi Dee, Congrats on your new Mango tree! This has been my experience with my tree... Mango doesn't like a lot of fertilizer especially if you are going to keep it in a pot. I use a slow release fertilizler mixed in the soil when I repot it from the nursery pot to its container. You can also supplement with Fish Emulsion mixed according to directions or half strength, during the growing season. I'm going to guess your zone and mine are similar(FL), so that should be appx. March thru Sept. Mango trees are prone to fertilizer burn, so fertilize lightly, so not to burn the roots and tender new growths. My thing is less is best. Just my humble opinion.

Good luck with your new tree.

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I had just had my first Mallika and it was amazing! I am a mango lover and having tasted the delights of St. Julians (Julie), Nam Doc Mai, Bombay, Nelson, Carrie etc. this is the best mango that I have tasted bar none. Creamy, non-fibrous, fragrant. Just heavenly.

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mangomandan(10 FL)

I'm curious how some of you Mallika mavens determine when to pick it. "Two weeks before it would mature on the tree" sounds a lot like "turn left two miles before you get to the old mill." ;)

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I was going to post the Mallika video by Dr Crane, but it looks like you have already commented on it?

you basically pick them full sized but before they blush up, if you are familiar with what a variety looks like fully ripe, its not that difficult of a window to determine

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Mallika' mango description

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mangomandan(10 FL)

Thanks, mango kush. My tree is still very small, so I won't be worrying about it for a while. It looks like it's a matter of noticing when the mangos have stopped getting bigger.
I'm looking forward to having a tree where the neighbors won't know that the mangos are ready to pick.

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I just had my first Mallika of this season...it was very, very good; creamy, a bit coco-nutty and had a hint of grape-soda taste in it. Bizarre, but good. It tastes much different than ones of in prior years. All in all, a good keeper mango.

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coconut grape soda from Mallika? Ive only tried one and I would describe it as a sweet creamy carrot taste. Its odd the flavors you can pull from a mango sometimes, If you ever read Alan Sussers Great Mango Book you will see he has a pallate that is very descriptive, sometimes I doubt his taste notes and then surprisingly enough pick them up when tasting

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Yes, I have definitely had some carrot-tasting Mallikas...most were over-ripe I believe. A good Mallika is usually sweet and creamy. Today's Mallika was bizarre. I found it odd that it had a hint of coconut in it...my wife even agreed. Last night we had a delicious Bailey's Marvel that also had a background coconut taste to it. That is why I like mangos so much...the taste is variable, even within the same fruit. Lychees, while good, all tend to taste the same (with the exception being the Mauritius) in my opinion.

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I've discovered the secret to great Mallikas; they have to be picked green with no hint of ripening. Also, they must be eaten when they first have a little "give" when pressing the flesh. If you let them get soft like other mangoes, they will be overripe when opened. I had a couple of superb, properly-picked and ripened Mallikas this week...this tree is a keeper!

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mangomandan(10 FL)

My other half tasted Mallika for the first time last week, and claimed to taste citrus/orange flavor. I didn't get that myself, though. Strange.

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