Dwarf Mango ?

gardenathome(9B/10)July 18, 2010

Hi, which mango varieties would you recommend for a small garden. We're looking for some dwarf varieties or ones that can be kept under 10 feet and still be able to produce sweet fruit in abundance! :-) Would the Nam Doc Mai be possible? :-)

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Here is a little list of some cultivars that are good dwarfs. The ones with a "*" I would recommend for taste after doing a good deal of research.

Carrie *
Julie *
Ice cream
Fairchild *
Pickering *

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I happen to be a big Fairchild fan myself. Great taste, super productive/fungus resistant, pretty small growth habit. The fruit don't have much color but the flavor is what counts.

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I have most of the trees that Nullzero mentions as dwarf mango trees. My personal choice if limited to one small mango tree would be either a Fairchild or a Pickering tree. They both taste excellent will stay small and do very well healthwise. I would not recomend planting either Julie or Ice Cream as your only mamgo tree, lots of care issues and usually not a lot of fruit in Florida.

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