Growing Papaya from seeds?

mmmsmommyJuly 26, 2011

I just had the sweetest papaya yesterday! I wonder if I can plant the seeds.

Do you know if papaya is true to seed?

Also, I heard that papaya needs cross-pollination.. Does that mean I have to plant two different varieties, or two different plants from the same variety would work??


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Papayas aren't true to seed, but they're close.

Papayas have male, female & hermaphrodite trees. Some, like Hawaiian solo papayas, are 66% hermaphrodite/33% female with an occasional male. Unpollinated females will grow a small fruit but abort it before it sizes up.

Maradol papayas have a greater percentage of males, so 3 trees are usually grouped together.

Here's my Waimanalo papayas

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I've grown quite a few Papaya from seeds of fruit I bought. The name varies from growers but I'm really not sure if they are what they say they are. I have bought Caribbean red, "Solo", RED lady, and they all appear to be the same visually and taste :-)

From seed, I find ~ 20% males from all varieties which I pull out of the ground and re-plant with another seedling as soon as I do.

All my trees, female and hermaphrodite fruit without bees as I have none (never saw one anyway). I have had no to little luck with Carambola and passionfruit setting fruit due (I think) to this. I started hand pollinating the passionfruit and Voila tons of fruit.

So I think wind and rain seem to be enough to get lots of fruit with Papaya.

At any rate, "true to seed" should be an axiom as you don't graft them?

I can say that the taste seems to be a matter of care if a decent parent was selected. I've had terrible tasting ones from yards where the tree is left to its own, and good tasting ones that were cared for.


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