does anyone here collect or own any hoyas?

amber_m(5)May 18, 2013

just wondering if anyone here collects or owns any hoyas?

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I have a couple of Hoyas I inherited from my Mom, but they have not bloomed for me. I haven't yet done anything for them either, to get them to bloom. They are the ordinary variety you see everywhere, not the fancy leafed ones.

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

I have a plain green and a variegated. I can't kill them despite forgetting to water them for 6 weeks or more. They bloom all the time and have a divine fragrance.

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Strangely enough - after saying that they never bloomed, one of them is starting to. Very strange looking flower buds - I will have to take a pic once it opens.

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oh wow cant wait to see pics! i just got into collecting hoyas last year and i have around 10 to 15 different ones so far. where is everyone located? i live in lisle which is kind of between ithaca, cortland and binghamton...

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