Palm Beach RFC tree sale

dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)July 17, 2010

Looking for commentary on anything I bought today:

Excalibur Black Sapote

Custard apple (from Zill)

Red Morning Jakfruit

Thong Prasert Jakfruit

Trompo Canistel (might need to replace my existing one)

I'd say you're about better off just going to Excalibur than that sale. Better selection of trees at the nursery, seems like they leave the best trees. This is at least the second time it has seemed that way. Both times I went to Excalibur due to issues at the sale.


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I went as well this morning. I did notice some very good bargains on jaboticaba and grumichama. I ended up getting a 4+ foot tall jaboticaba for $20.00.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I didn't know the sale was even today. Probably wouldn't have gone anyway, but not from lack of desire. The Red Morning Jak is a seedling or grafted? I have one, and it is a it isn't technically Red Morning. Richard Wilson, I think, clams its better than Borneo Red. I have heard other, let's just say, contrasting opinions. Can't comment on the rest, but did find this on the net re: the canistel.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tompo Canistel

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murahilin(10 fl)

I enjoy jackfruit and I have not liked any of the red morning fruit I have had. I've had a few different ones and they were not that good. A few even had a sulfur aftertaste. Since pretty much all of Excalibur's red mornings are from seed you might end up with a good one. Richard is convinced that jackfruit come true to seed so he has mostly stopped grafting them. It is evident that they are not true to seed by all the variation. Oh well.

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

I don't know if he is actually convinced of that or if he's taking the easy way out. Just like the pepperseed white longan had big seeds for me. I think there is a certain amount of profiteering being paramount.

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I'm glad you are not letting this past winter slow you down at all, a very nice haul of trees.

congrats and good luck,

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