Farmers Markets- tis the season! :)

qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)May 17, 2005

Well, spring has finally decided it will stay! I can't belive its so nice out and is only May 17. Sure, still a chance of frost, but we can all hope against it! Time to get planting!

Its also time for the local farmers markets to start opening!

The CNY Regional Market (in Syracuse) is open on Saturday and Sunday weekly. I can't wait to go, I'm worse than a little kid!

I try to go on Saturdays. I love it, there are tons of people and you can find almost anykind of plant or veggie you want there. I try to get there sorta early, I think it opens at 7am and closes by 2, I want to be there by 9:30. Normally the parking lot is packed, nobody watches where they are walking, and I usually end up rubber-necking to see what people are buying or selling as I drive through. I'm also not shy about asking "Where did you buy that!" if I see someone walking by with a plant I would love, lol! Its worse when I'm a passenger and I have to demand Chris stop the car so I can check something out, heehee! Sometimes you can get some great deals on plants and flowers. Its also fun to watch people haggle.

Any other good markets to go to? Some of the other small farmers markets should be coming open too!

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Well here in western NY we are still waiting for spring to stick around.


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qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)

We had a freeze last Thursday, but I'm still calling it spring. I not only have zone denial, I also have season denial :)


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Lenore, I see your from Pulaski. Isn't that a hike for you to go to the regional market in Syracuse?! I live in Skaneateles, but work in Syracuse. During the summer the market is also open on thursday afternoons (11am to 5pm?). So sometimes I go there during lunch. I also am like a kid in a candy shop when I go. My husband wonders how I manage to fit everything in the car and how I carried it all to begin with.

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qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)

Its only about 40 miles or so for me. I don't mind driving at all, I'm a busdriver lol. Besides, when I go to Syracuse I have to go to all the other places down there. Hafners, Gravinas, lots of other places. Normally I have to go to Oswego and sometimes Auburn too :)
Chris and I are quite happy to drive 100 miles or more to go check out plants. I want to go back out to Buffalo and go to some of those nurseries again! Is there a farmers market out there I should visit?

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theraglady47(z4 NY)

I live in WAtertown NY and love to make the trip to Syracuse. I also love going to the great garden centers in Lafaytte Auburn and Pheonix. Hubby and I have already made the rounds once this year and plan to go again next week. I am always on the lookout for the unusual. There is a wonderful garden store, florist in Adams NY. It is actually the best one I have been in this year. Filled the car there last week. You really should check it out if you are only in Pulaski, it is only 20 minutes away, and well worth the trip. There is also that big one over on Route 3, I may go over there tomorrow to see what they have this year.

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blackie57(z5 NY Broome Co)

qbirdy -

Just where is this regional Farmers Market in Syracuse ? I'm heading there this weekend for my daughters graduation and might go early to check things out. Is it near the bsaeball stadium ??


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Basically, right next to the ballpark........its a great place

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blackie57(z5 NY Broome Co)

Thanks..that's where I was thinking..i have seen the buildings but it has never been open when I have been up there...

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Park St.

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How far off 81 is the garden center in Adams? Do they have different and unusual plants? We go by Adams exit on our way to Black Lake, perhaps I could convince my husband to stop.

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theraglady47(z4 NY)

The garden center is 1 mile south of Adams on route 11. They have many different plants then seen at other centers. They grow almost all of thier own, and they are so healthy. They are well cared for and not allowed to dry and wilt which makes a huge difference. I am about to head back there right now. My third, or is it my fourth trip this week. They have the most increadable sweet potato vine I have seen, and so huge for the money.

Tell them someone from Garden forum sent you, they will know who it is.


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Thanks for the reply, Whats the name of that garden center? I really would like to go there. I went to our little local plant place today and I Had every pern,. that they had, except yarrow, I threw that out. I have been gardening now for a few years and need to find some different plants, just can't stop!!!

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theraglady47(z4 NY)

There are actually two good ones in that area, Hallet's my favorite is the one just south of Adams, that is another about a mile north of Adams that has a nice selection of perenials, both do actually. Hallet's seems to have the nicest plants I have seen around here.

I went to a local plant swap and sale today put on the a group of church ladies in Adams. What fun I had. I bought columbine, bleeding heart, Astilbe for fifty cents each, Hosta for a dollar. large pots of red poppies with buds for a dollar. Ispent a whopping $13.00 and had to make three trips to the car. The plants where small. but healty and I know they will survive the cold winters here. Helped the chuch ladies out too.

I am going to take them a bunch of my leftover seedlings in the morning on my way to work, I had such good luck I have way more then I need.

Tell them the raglady sent you, they will get a kick out of it, I am one of thier best customers.

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thanks for the infomation. Sounds like you had a great day, such deals. I am going to 2 plant exchanges in a couple weeks, hope I get some good plants, I have been busy splitting mine up. Making room for some new things!!!

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qbirdy(z4/5 Central NY)

I went to the Regional Market today, there was tons of neat stuff. I ended up buying some pink lily of the valley and ruffled pansies. Saw that there were a bunch of angeltrumpets for sale, argued that some plants marked "siberian iris" were really bearded. Then I went to Hafners and bought a Bowl of Beauty peony, at Gravinas I got Festiva Maxima peony. Today I also got Crazy Daisy Shasta daisy, purple creeping phlox, thrift, and a really sweetly scented rose. Tomorrow I guess I best start planting! LOL! I got a few planted tonight just before the rain set in :)
Maybe in a couple weeks I'll go to the greenhouses in Adams and the one over on St Rt 3 in Henderson. I love plant shoppin :)

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adina72(z5 CNY)

I had no idea the Regional Market had such good plants on Saturday. I've been there a few times on Sunday, but it was mainly produce...must have been the end of the season. Will definately have to go this weekend. There is also a plant sale in Baldwinsville in the Real Deals parking lot up the street from Tri-County Mall. It's going on from 9am-12pm on Saturday 5/28. If I can get my butt up early, I'll hit the Regional Market before the other sale starts at 9am....LOL

I have been dying to find some nice looking sweet potato vine. Saw some at Gravinas yesterday, but it looked a little rough even though they were Prize Winners. My in-laws live in Adams and I guess I will stop up there and check it out. Thanks so much for the tips.

Dottie in Pennellville

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