WANTED: Austin/San Antonio Fall Swap 10/17/09

chargreen(TX/Aus)August 25, 2009

Hello Everyone,

The Austin/San Antonio Area Fall Plant Swap will be on Saturday, October 17 at the Buda City Park pavilion. I will post directions and a map before the swap.

We will have a potluck lunch and lots of fun!! Let me know if you have any questions. Also if you want to be added to the evite list please email me. If you haven't received an evite and you have been on the list before please let me know.

We welcome any plant swappers that want to join us!

Looking forward to seeing everyone again.


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txbeyer(Zone 8b/9a)

Hello everyone, Hope you are looking forward to the Fall Swap as much as I am. I already have a starter list of Haves and Wants ....

Heliconia schiediana (known as hardy heliconia) (3+)
Alpinia formosana 'pinstripe' (a ginger plant) (2+)
Bamboo muhly grass (2)
Hibiscus x Moy Grande (perennial hibiscus) (2)
Black Mondo Grass (5)
Extra copies of the 2009 City of Austin Grow Green book (10)

Wants: (these are in the City of Austin Grow Green booklet)
Pink skullcap (6+)
Calylophus (aka square bud primrose) - (6+)
Deer or Pine Muhly grass (M. rigens or M. dubia) (2)
Dwarf fountain grass (1 or 2)
Fragrant Mimosa (1)
Santolina (green and/or silver form) (as many as I can get)
White Bush Honeysuckle (1)

Please let me know if you want what I have or have what I want. You can also look at all the plants I grow using the link below. There may be something on there you want that I may be able to provide. I'll probably be adding to my list in the future. See ya'll at the swap

Bob from NW Austin

Here is a link that might be useful: Bob's Plant Inventory

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txbeyer(Zone 8b/9a)

Darn it, It just clicked in my mind that I won't be able to do the Plant Swap on Oct. 17th. I am scheduled to take a local garden group on a field trip to Peckerwood Gardens in Hemstead that Saturday, soooo, with much disappointment, I will miss seeing you all and will look forward to spring instead.

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Charlotte, could you somehow put BUDA in the title ? On maybe another post ?

We're on the San Antonio swap post telling people about a swap in Buda and they can't find one listed anywhere.

thank you !


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

Here is my Have list and My wants are arid plants, natives, Trees that like limestone and caliche. OH I adore cold hardy Aloes. like A. peglarae, A. humils. Winter vegetable are good too. I also have a seed box that I can bring with many natives and others. I have a list if people are interested in reading it , Email me. I don't want to confuse people with TWO lists here. I dare you to give me an opuntia that I don't have. I also like Stapeliads other than gigantea, like grandiflourous.
Aniscanthus wrightii(red)
Maurasndya barklayanna (big bend snap dragon vine)
Maurandya antirrhiniflora (pink native snapdragon vine)
Agave green goblet (dark green)
agave ameriacanaish
Phillipine violet
Paddleplant ( kalanchoi thrysiflora)
Pride of Barbados
Cape honey suckle (orange, (Tecocomaria capensis , orange)
aristolochia fimbriata
Flowering sena ( senna corymbosa)
Dale gregii
Nepeta walkers Low
Pride of Barbados
Mexican oregano
S. macrophylla Tingo Blue, upright form
S regla
S. officionales
S greggii red velvet
S gregii pink preference
S. madrensis
S. mex limelight (?) or Lolly Jackson
Salvia cocinea (red or white)
S.hot lips
Coral honey Suckle (Lonocera sempivirens)
Pedilantus macrocarpus (pencil cactus)
Bulbine fructins (orange bulbine)
Red leafed Bilbergia
mystery tropical flage plant that sends out runners with babies
Aloe Ferx
Aloe Dawei
Aloe maculata (large variety and the smaller veriety)
Aloe cameronii
Aloe vera
Opunti cochenillifera
Opuntia robusto
cylindropunti imbricata (new Mexican variety)
Cylindropuntia leptocaulis.

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Just a couple of weeks until the swap.
Here is the usual info and map link.
Here is the basic outline for our swap.
The swap usually starts at 9am sharp and we usually do door
prizes and a potluck lunch around noon. It's usually all over by 1:30
or 2 depending on weather and how many people come. As for what to
bring, the options are wide open. Plants of course, either divisions of
your perennials, or cuttings you started or seeds you collected and
labeled. Sometimes people bring whole plants they decided they didn't
like anymore or didn't have room for. Also, if making new plants is not
your thing, you can bring gardening related items, books, terra cotta
pots, tools, etc... People are generally very generous and eager to
make newbies feel welcome so there are no hard and fast rules about
what you can bring. Also, most gardeners just don't want to take any of
their own stuff back home so they are often not expecting an "even
trade". Please do not take an item from someone's area without asking.
A good idea is to bring an extra box to put under your table for the plants you have swapped and are taking home.
Items under the tables are off limits.
Also, we do have a donation jar if you want to help with the pavilion rental fee.
There is also a list of things you may find useful to bring:
camp chair or stool
card table (there are no tables provided at the Buda pavilion)
extra plant labels and marker
extra plastic pots - usually someone needs these
plastic bags for transporting goodies
plastic nursery trays for transporting goodies
gardening item to donate for door prize (optional)
Your favorite food or drink for the potluck.
Drinking water
rain jacket (for some reason our swap usually causes a shower!

Here is a link that might be useful: Buda City Park

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I didn't think I'd be coming, but things are looking better, so I may. Here's my list -- I might add to it. If there's something you're looking for, ask me. I might have it, but not enough of it to put on a list.

aloe vera (of course)
night-blooming cereus
dwarf artillery fern
donkey ears
callisia fragrans / Old Man's Pipe
large elephant ears
spider plants
jewels of Opar
Jingle Bells Kalanchoe
copper canyon daisy
coral bean
ruellia squarrosa
asparagus fern
sanseveria - Mother-in-law's tongue
salvia coccinea
clitoria vine
red firecracker plant
air potato vine / dioscorea bulbifera
echeandia texensis / texas craglily
white rain lily
large pink rain lily
crinum bulbispermum
Pride of Barbados / orange
bryophyllum crenatodaigremontianum (kalanchoe family)
caesalpinia gilliesii

I'm looking for, but not limited to, daylilies, roses, bulb flowers, salvias, flowering perennials, succulents.

I'm very interested in making pre-arranged trades so that I don't have to haul as much. Would like to be able to have everything in boxes and ready to give you ! Please email me directly if I have something you'd like ! Looking forward to seeing you there !


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Looks like the usual crowd will be in attendance after all. I'm letting everyone know that I'm planning to bring some ham instead of the sausage and rice this time. Less mess and I want to take off a little earlier mainly due to THE GAME.

It's been raining for days, but off the top of my head, I plan on bringing the following:

sweet potato vine starts (margarite, blackie & ace of spades)
cuttings of epiphyllum (ivory blooms)
cuttings of rick rack
society garlic (if anyone wants some)
butterfly iris
Seeds of the white datura and butterfly pea vine.
Anything else I can think of to bring.
I will also check to see if I can dig up any bulbs that may be of interest.

Lindsey, save me a start of blue mist.

Look forward to Saturday and I'm hoping for good weather.


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The swap is tomorrow. Looks like great weather.

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