Slightly OT: Syracuse's Regional Market

booberry85(5)May 24, 2012

I was curious as to how many people out there go to the Regional Market in Syracuse. I used to go regularly, but fell out of the habit. What do you like there? What do you dislike there? What are the must see & do and what do you skip?


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Are you in for a surprise! There are more food delicacies and organic and hydroponic grown foods. Our favorites are Flour City Pasta, The Pierogi Guy, Hippy Love (not positive on the name) granola and Bo's Bones (for dogs). My mother would laugh at me as I refer the farmers as my egg lady, lettuce people, corn lady and not their names. We go regularly starting in April and stop around early December. We walk around first thing taking note on prices and then I buy the second walk around. Enjoy!

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