Types/names/sources for glads I don't have to dig up?

phylrae(z5a/centralNYS)May 9, 2005

I read the post about when to dig up glads for winter. Some of you mentioned winter-hardy glads that can be mulched over successfully. Can you give me some names and sources? I'm in the Syracuse area. Thanks so much. Phyl

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Crocosmia come up every year for me in my south-facing garden against the house (protected area).

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

"Baby gladiolus" are the hardy type (cross between G. colvillei and others. I bought mine from a cheapie mail order company (burgess) where they simply marketed them as "hardy glads." They are shorter, only up to 2 feet high, but just as pretty and do not need to be dug up. Hardy to zone 5.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

I plan on getting the hardy glads when my regulars quit coming up but so far this is the 3rd. year that they have returned (just starting to come up). They are planted on the south west side of the house in a slightly raised bed. I guess there is enough heat to sustain them. I don't mulch them either.


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I bought some glad bulbs, on the bag it says they did't have to be dug up in the winter.. which is why I bought them.. then I read that they do have to be dug up before winter in zone 6.. so I am annoyed about that.. I have to check the bag and see what type they are. maybe they r the type that can stay put..

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June601(6 NY)

Hi--I live in zone 6 near Rochester and never dig up my Glad bulbs. I plant them on the South side of the apartment. I have, also, perennial Glads which I bought at Dutch Gardens-other Catalogs have them also. The blossoms are smaller and they are shorter; but still very nice.

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