Most annoying garden thing is!!!

mulchy(z5ny)May 31, 2005

The hose!!! It's a pain unwinding and winding!!! I pull it to the limit and its just inches to short. I get ready to water and I forget to turn it on. I finally get back to the other end after tripping over it and discover it has a kink in the other end. Don't you hate that when it happens????

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YEAP.... I'm with you!! Thanks for phrasing it so nicely! Made me laugh!

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My husband ran mine over with the lawn mower! I finally got another hose that reaches the garden, but with the lack of rain, my peas and beans might already be goners.

Another favorite trick of the DH is to turn it on when I have the hose hooked up to the sprinklers in the garden and I too am in the garden!!!

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I have one of those supposed 'kink-free' hoses. Ha! It's better than the alternative, but I still have to stomp back to the other end and fix the kink when I get no water pressure.

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adina72(z5 CNY)

I hear ya! I just spend $83 for a new hose reel and commercial hose at Lowes and I am so happy with is much better than the old one I had....Hurray!!!

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My water pressure in the house can't keep up with the "outside" water use. THATS WHAT I HATE! Who needs to do laundry anyway! LOL Everytime I get ready to go out to the yard, I forget, oh yeah I started laundry or yup the dishwasher is going or - oh shoot, K my daughter is in the shower??? OOOPS

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And then I decided to use those snap on ends so I don't have to unscrew and screw on the sprinklers when I need them. Invariably I have the wrong end to mate up with the one on the hose. Or I try to switch when the hose is on and I'm soaked in the process----arggghhh.

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My DH, no contest.

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digginDan(z5 NY Catskills)

The damn deer.

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Snakes! I'm not a fan of the creatures but I do realize they do a job...just wish they'd do it elsewhere or when I'm not around.

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Tunneling varmints and chipmunks...They all eat my plants (roots, leaves, fruits, etc) inside my fenced in area. That's MINE!! I hate all the trouble it takes to get rid of them or deter them. Pests.

I get really annoyed with myself when I accidentally pull up a plant thinking it's a weed. I allow myself one stupid garden thing a day and after that I go do something else.

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I figured out how my sprinkler system worked today....the hard way! Had to run back in the house and change before work. I did not have time to blow dry my hair though!

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lblack61(z5 NY)

mulchy...what I would do for a hose. I have a well. No spicket outside, just a well. With all my Wsed seedlings and a dry month of May, I am an unhappy camper with muscles I didn't necessarily want.
My most annoying things are:
1. voles, voles, voles
2. Plastic containers and plastic all over the place from emptied Wsed seedlings that are now inground. Cleaning it all up is not nearly as fun as sowing and planting!

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

The hose! They're always leaking from one end or the other. If I forget and leave it on, it slowly leaks a huge muddy puddle by the spigot. It's never where I need it and a long huge hose is VERY heavy to haul around. When dragging it where I need it, it always catches on the smallest most insignificant object and I have to run back to set it free. Why can't it just rain!!

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philomena(z 5A NY)

my newly discovered bits and pieces of poison ivy ! Never got the stuff before in 5 years at my home, but after having that first contact, I know what to look for now. My arms looked like I was some type of alien for a couple weeks, and even left some light scarring ! Ugly, nasty stuff !

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blackie57(z5 NY Broome Co)

I'm always saying to myself "If there's one thing for the stinkin hose to snag will find it..."

Incredible... also when I drop the handle invariably it will land and stay on the trigger, so I'm wet by the time I can grab it.

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bhrost(zone 5 NY)

The tv weathermen and their obsession with sunny, hot weather being the only type of good weather. Where I live we're on the verge of a drought, after one of the driest Springs in recent memory, and this is what the local tv weatherman posted on the station's website:

"Just a passing sprinkle Friday night and Saturday morning, otherwise not much to worry about."

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lblack61(z5 NY)

I agree, bhrost!
I'm not a farmer, just a home gardener, but I think people have lost touch with how weather effects their whole lives. We figure our food comes from the grocery store and sunny days means we can have a good time without getting wet.
Rainy days allows my garden to get fed and it allows me time to be inside doing the things I need to do. I welcome rain...and I'm praying we get a good down pour so I don't have to order more water for the well that just hit bottom this week end and had to be filled.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

The stupid garden hose reel that my husband installed that is supposed to wind the hose up and down evenly. Well I finally broke the connection on it so that it doesn't stay connected anymore. I disconnected it from that reel and have it stretched out along the edge of the driveway now. I also hate having to drag it from the front to the back and vise versa but it is better than that self winding reel that never worked properly and the hose always getting stuck as I was unreeling it.


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garden_frog(Z6 Western NY)

Landscape stone.

My first house they used landscape stone around everything instead of mulch. After two HARD years of digging it out of EVERYWHERE I thought I was finally rid of it. Then I moved and my new house has it too. UGH!!! I hate digging in stone.

Do I get a number 2???? I've got a few more annoying things to gripe about like the weeds here that seem to be glued into my perennial beds.


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husky004_(z5 NY)

Well right now it's the helicopters from the maple trees...just get everything half way cleaned up and down they come...anyone got any copper nails so I can kill my neighbor's tree???

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jlui(z6 UpstateNY)

Just a couple things to add:

The hose catching on things isn't so much my problem. It's when the darned thing gets yanked from way the other end for more slack -- almost always running over and breaking plants -- that I get really irritated. I've learned to be a lot more careful -- but it would be so much better if it would just rain!

Also, we have landscape stone, too. The previous owners must have chosen the nastiest stuff they could find. It does look okay, but man, that stuff hurts to walk on! I like going barefoot in good weather, but I've learned the hard way on that, too.

And Husky must be only complaining about the helicopters because she doesn't have any neighbors with cottonwood trees. A street away, there's a grouping of three or so trees and my beds and plants are covered. "Snow" in June!

Anyway, that's 3 so I must be out of turns! :-)


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I have a housemate who thinks he is helpful, but is not at all. He wants to help weed, but can't identify them and he insists that rototilling the edges of beds is helpful in keeping weeds down. He thinks he is tilling around the garden, but he's really disturbing the root system of every edging plant. It's like having my 5 year old nephew help, an exercise in patience for sure.

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husky004_(z5 NY)

Jen-The cottonwoods are just starting here!!!

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LAA668984(z4/5 ny)

WOODCHUCKS! I've tried to trap them (no luck), used fox urine and critter ridder to repel them, used the woodchuck solution spray, pinwheels in the garden to scare them, and they still manage to eat some of my plants. I thought I would try sprinkling red pepper on everything next. Or maybe buy one of those owl decoys. It's so frustrating to go out and find the annuals I started from seed months ago, eaten down to the ground in 1 day. I hate those little pests!

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hammerl(z5-6 Amherst NY)

I've got a couple annoyances. 1) Those helicopters. They are everywhere. My neighbor was shop-vacuuming them out of his gutters yesterday, they're so bad by me. And every time I went to plant something I got at the WNY swap, I buried a slew of those seeds. Grr. 2) Previously noted neighbor's four-storey tall weeping willow, whose debris always lands in my yard. After every wind storm, the yard looks trashed. On good days, it just looks messy. In Spring, there are seeds and branches. In summer, leaves and branches. Fall, more leaves, until mid-December, often layered in the snow, and, of course, branches. Winter, branches and limbs. (Two years ago a giant limb was propelled diagonally across my yard and came within a foot of taking out my dining room window and wall. Another time, I needed to have a neighbor cut one up with his chain saw.) Plus the backyard, except right by the house, is total shade. There's a cottonwood two doors down, but luckily the wind blows the other way.

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blackie57(z5 NY Broome Co)

My Maple tree comes down next spring... after 15 years I have HAD it with those helicopters. I have to wait until it's done dropping them before I can mulch my beds. One goot thing about last weeks storm and wind was that it completely took the last half of those bugers off the tree and spread them across NYS. So fellow UNY gardeners, if you find a small maple growing in one of your beds... you're welcome !! ;)
I'll plant a nicer tree in its place, something less......



PS. I still hate the friggin hose.... ;)

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I have two.

1) In the Fall when I plant 5 or 6 different perennials
in the garden and don't mark the spots, when they
start growing in the Spring, I think they're weeds
and pull them out!! Later I wonder why my new
perennials didn't survive the winter.
This should teach me a lesson for next year, but it

2) I hate both of my hoses, but I'm nice to them so I can
water both of my gardens. I trip on them and they're
careless to my plants by squashing them into a pulp.
We get so much snow in the Winter, it should rain now.

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crankyoldman(z5 NY)

Thing I hate most in the garden is slugs, which are nothing but animated snot. I enjoy flicking them over onto the driveway, which is about five miles away from my greens in slug feet.

Rabbits are a close second most annoying thing in the garden when they eat all the buds off my poppies. But unlike slugs, they are too big to flick.

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von1(z4 NY)

If you think the helicopters are bad you should have a poplar tree. It sheds white fluff similar to dandalion fluff all over everything. It looked like it was snowing for about a week. The stuff sticks to everything, even the centers of my hosta have clumps of the dirty disgusting fluff. Now the baby trees are sprouting. Yes, even in the center of my hostas as well as everywhere else. If the leaves of plants are fuzzy like lungwort or lambs ears it won't come off. I'm begging for the poplar tree and its roots to join the campfire!

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jannie(z7 LI NY)

My hose and I get along okay,but I hate running back and forth to turn it on and off when I change heads (on the hose,not myself). I have a spray head that rotates and a dribbler head I use often. Put on the dribbler, run to the house and turn on the water. When its done, move it, turn off the water,change to the spray head, turn the water back get it. I guess it's good exercise. I must walk a quarter mile just with watering.

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First would be that sticky weed with the little ball seeds that act like velco. It geves me a rash everytime I go near it. Hate that stuff and my dog is not to fond of it either.
Second would be not having enough money to do all in terms of plants and hardscape. Some one to weed that nasty weed etc.

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I have to say right now its ankle-biting critters. I've already been to the dr. once for 5 bites from I know not what. Have used Off religiously since then when working in the yard, but neglected to before visiting a neighbor, DUH.

Jannie - There's a little on/off gizmo you can buy that screws onto the end of the hose, then you can screw on a hand sprinkler (or whatever) to that. Then, when you need to make a change, just turn the lever to 'off', make the change, then turn it on again. They come in various forms, plastic to metal, but are inexpensive and can be found in any garden dept. They do narrow the flow a little, but otherwise are very handy to have around.


Here is a link that might be useful: shutoff valves

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hammerl(z5-6 Amherst NY)

Oh, those biting bugs. They have used me for lunch this summer already, and it's been dry out. I lost count as to how many bites I had. Plus they all swell up on me like welts. This year I've had some dandy mosquito bites, ones that felt like black fly, and I think something else -- spider? tick? It was between my fingers, very itchy, and made me look and feel like I had eczema on my right hand. Could be worse -- two years ago at the cottage I got a spider bite on my forehead that bled for three days straight. And I've no west nile symptoms yet, which is good.

And oh,the sea of helicopters that has turned my beds into a forest of maple trees, meaning I'm out getting bitten while yanking the seedlings out...

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

I was just going to add bugs, looks like they are making the round in WNY. Black fly/deer fly (how do you tell the difference?). They don't sting, they bite! And it's persistent, one will just repeatedly dive bomb me until it finds an opening. I never had a problem with them the last few summers, this year they are sneaking in.

And the hose of course, because with this drought I am having to rescue some plants.

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misskimmie(z4b Central NY)

1. Wood chucks - They are outsmarting the trap we set for them.

2. 6 pack pots and other small pots from the nursery. I I leave them out, I swear they multiply. I keep finding them in the garden or worse. blowing around.

Here is a link that might be useful: l

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ridgetop01(z5 CNY)

The things I planted that are now taking over the world - lamiastrum in particular of late!! It's spreading down into several wild areas on the property and has nearly overrun my shade garden. I wish I'd known....

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bernd ny zone5

ridgetop, I dig those out, carefully not forgetting any roots, or they resprout. Or spray with weed killer. Having one sitting there looks nice, but keep after them or it will be a lot of upkeep.
Very annoying and expensive for me is male dogs on long or no leashes walking by with owners who do not understand anything about landscaping and upkeep, must be living in a dump. Their dogs pee on my columnar conifers and kill them, is very difficult to prove and catch them.

    Bookmark   February 29, 2012 at 4:37PM
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Maple sproutlings
Rose of Sharon sproutlings
Weeds - started pulling them weeks ago
Japanese Knotweed - it came with the house and after 7 summers it's almost under control, apparently deer don't like it either.

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penny1947(z6 WNY)

Since I grow mostly Agastaches, Salvias, and Penstemons I don't have a problem with deer, or bunnies but number one on my list hast to be ....

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