HAVE: Mercer Area Fall Swap 2008 Haves and Wants List

jennifer9906(8/9)August 3, 2008

Hi All!

Post your haves and wants here... I have also set up a database for you to post on the plantmeet groups site... let me know if you want an invite to join that and I will send one...

I will have var. cast iron, American beauty berry bush, orange daylilies, double orange daylilies, white spider lily- hymenocallis, crinums, possibly water pond plants, named iris and named daylilies, russian red cannas, white butterfly ginger - various other plants I will list as I see what I can divide. Most of my stuff has been in pots and have taken a beating from the drought. Since we have a hurricane headed our way tomorrow... hopefully nothing blows away..lol

Please let me know if you want anything I have listed, as I will need to dig some of it up from my grandmother's house and won't bring those things unless they are requested:)

We bought a house, so the yard is a blank canvas...I do want vines for sure...a mimosa tree, bulbs, angels trumpets, perennials, etc....

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Howdy all, I will have:papaya,pride of barbados,esperanzas and others that i will think of later Allen

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Have: various potted palms, Rubber Tree, Poinsettia, Croton, Sedums/Aloe Veras/cactus, Mother In-Law's tongue, Angel Wing Begonias, Lillies, Jasmines, herbs, Elephant Ears, Bromelaids, Turk's Cap, Mexican Heather; also have: Bird of Paradise, Columbine - but have not figured out how to propagate them.

Where is Mercer? Humble area??

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No idea what I'm bringing but I'll fill the truck!!
Tally HO!

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I plan to be there....will be bringing gingers: peacock,
shell, pinecone, cardammon, dr. moy, white butterfly and peach butterfly. Of course, there will be more.
John, here's a link to give you info on Mercer

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shadester(7-8 TX)

Hi all!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what I will have yet.......but i do want some more Var cast iron and african Hosta's.......Tally and Jennifer e-mail me.......David in Arlington............

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I need fruit trees,bushes etc,Will anybody have some???? Allen

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Hey Tally,
Let us know how you made it with Ike. If you need any replacement plants check my trade list

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janet_w(TX 8)

Hi Jennifer,
IÂm sorry I will not be able to attend the fall plant swap. IÂm recovering form knee surgery. Thank you for keeping us posted on Tally I was so worried about her. IÂve tried to contact her but havenÂt heard from her. Jennifer do you still have my phone number? When you talk to her again tell her she is welcome to come here to Waller if she needs a place to stay and I have plants for her too. How did you fair through Ike? Everyone have fun at the swap I love all the plants you have posted.
Janet aka jsplants@yahoo.com

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Hey everyone...Cindy, Loretta and our mom plan to attend...don't know what we will bring yet, but we will watch this string to see what everyone is looking for on their plant list. Does anyone know anything about if there will be a "Plant Round UP in College Station" ???? I haven't seen anything about it! Thanks Loretta

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