More on Bailey's Marvel in the S.F. bay area..

stanofhJuly 16, 2011

My tall but skinny B.M. now has fruit the size of grapes-an upgrade from pea sized. BUT,the thin branches are bending. My Manila sheds excess proto Mango's. B.M. is hanging on to ALL of the fruits. Like 20 per stem. and as I posted before,they are growing bunched like grapes. Should I thin? to how many?

And my feeling is all this unusual growth is caused by our cool summers.

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Can't offer any advice but I'd love to see some pics of your Bailey's?

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desimango(San Jose 9)

I don't have much advice other than my father removes the less likely to make it pea sized fruit that develop. I've got a Mallika with a few 1" fruit and a Glenn in similar condition. I just hope I can get a taste since my trees are in pots and still quite small.


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find one or two of the biggest looking fruits and gently remove the rest. Usually I'll gently tug and twist them til they come off. Sometimes this takes a day or two.

good luck,

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That sounds about right. I did tie one branch since it went from near vertical to horizontal with fruit..and I detect some yellow color in one of the "larger" fruit.
If I remember-morepics later.
If I listened to my plant experience,I would have cut off all flowers so it would have flushed at least twice by now in far this year no new leaves as it puts all its efforts into fruit. My bad,to want to see fruit!

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