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RodneyJSJuly 22, 2013

Aftering read about remineralization via sea salts, I decided I will try a trial foliar spraying w/ diluted Himalayan pink salt. It's $2.99/lb at my local Sprouts. Sea90 recommends 1 teaspoon/gal of water, so I'm going with a weaker solution of 2 teaspoons Himalayan pink salt/5 gal water. Himalayan pink salt has over 80+ trace elements, which are supposed to be beneficial to both plants and the human body. I'll update if all my fruit trees & veggies have kicked the bucket or not.

BTW, I also made my own sole (pronounced sol-lay), a concentrate of Hinalayan pink salt & water. In the morning, I take a teaspoon put in 1 glass of water.

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I've heard that they're good for health, but I don't know how so. It's good to that they contain 80+ trace elements. I bought some mainly because the color look so pretty in the bottle ... lol.
You've just started my curiosity to find out more about its healthy benefits. I didn't know that it will be good for plants also. So, how long have you been taking your sol-lay? Have you found any difference healthwise after taking it?

Here's a picture showing the different shades of pink they come in, although I don't know if the third bottle from the left is truly the Himalayan salt. I didn't find the info on the label.

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So far, so good. I've foliar sprayed 3 x, soil drenched once. No dead plants yet ;)
I've also top-dressed with Azomite, as well

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So far everything seems to be thriving. Diluted urine is universally accepted as a great fertilizer. Funny thing is, is that it has about double the salt content of seasalt. Naysayers tell me I'm killing my plants with salt, yet advocate using urine which has double the amount

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